Farming in the 21st Century


Farming has changed out of all recognition in the post war years. In order to increase yield and feed us all hedges were grubbed out and weeds and pests were controlled as never before. Sadly wildlife suffered and bird and insect numbers have plummeted. Now our farmers are attempting to strike a balance. They realise the importance of hedges to prevent soil erosion on our light land, of areas of trees, scrub and wild flowers to encourage bees and beneficial insects. Yet they still have to feed our rising population and make a profit. East Suffolk is especially important for fruit, vegetables and sheep and pigs. How can everything work together?

Come and hear from a speaker from Otley College, where they are training the farmers of the future, and from some of the students about their hopes and dreams. After a light lunch we will hear from a Farm Manager in coastal Suffolk on the ways his large farm is adapting to a changing and less predictable climate, with little rainfall, supplying market garden goods to the supermarkets. Power is even produced from the waste from vegetables on the farm to power electricity for Rendlesham. Lastly we hear from the CO-OP, where they source delicious and fresh locally produced food whenever possible, for us all to enjoy, with few road miles, at a price we can all afford.

Event Dates

Event Date Allocation Date
Wednesday 18th October 2017 @ 10.30am to 3pm Friday 15th September 2017


Holton Village Hall


£8 including lunch



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