Events Archive

Event Summary Date
Members Evening Who knows what will happen? Tuesday 13th February 2018
The mysteries of Sutton Hoo A talk by David Phelan Tuesday 9th January 2018
Christmas party Annual social event Tuesday 12th December 2017
AGM Annual General Meeting Tuesday 14th November 2017
Drum rhythms from West Africa A talk/interactive event by Lindsey Simon Tuesday 10th October 2017
Maasai crafts and beadwork A talk and demonstration on making a craft item Tuesday 12th September 2017
Southwold theatre An outing to see a play Tuesday 8th August 2017
All about Ella Fitzgerald A talk by Maggie Cartwright Tuesday 11th July 2017
Garden meeting An outdoor get together in a garden Tuesday 13th June 2017
Resolution meeting; The Fishermen's Mission Discussion and vote on resolutions; a talk by Andy Malcolm Tuesday 9th May 2017
Listening to and exploring our own sounds A talk by Caroline Weatherby Tuesday 11th April 2017
Christmas Party Our Christmas Party: Details TBC Tuesday 13th December 2016 @ 7.15 pm
AGM + Ella Fitzgerald AGM + A talk by Maggie Cartwright Tuesday 8th November 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Mercy Ships A talk by Michael and Priscilla Carter Tuesday 11th October 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Psychology of Confidence A talk by Brian Faulkner (vet) Tuesday 13th September 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Southwold Theatre Outing A visit to Southwold Theatre: Play TBA Monday 1st August 2016 @ TBC
The Psychology of the Human Spirit A talk by Liz McCormick Tuesday 12th July 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Garden Meeting: The Art of Woodcarving A talk by Barry Marshall Tuesday 14th June 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Resolutions Meeting. The Heroine in Crime Thriller Fiction A talk by John Nightingale Tuesday 10th May 2016 @ 7.15 pm
The Art and Practice of Medical Hypnosis A talk by Dr Nick Cooper Tuesday 12th April 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Birthday Supper: 1000 Years of Costume A talk about 1000 Years of Costume by Kindra Jones plus supper will be provided. Tuesday 8th March 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Members Evening An evening where the members provide the entertainment. Tuesday 9th February 2016 @ 7.15 pm
BBC - Blackouts, Bombs, The War Years A talk by Jonathan Hunt Tuesday 12th January 2016 @ 7.15 pm
Christmas meal Details of the Christmas meal will be provided nearer the time. Tuesday 8th December 2015 @ 7.15 pm
AGM: Gardens Our AGM plus a talk by Basil Jenkyns. Tuesday 10th November 2015 @ 7.15 pm
My Life in Music A talk by Hatti Bennett. Tuesday 13th October 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Two Old Bags A talk by Janice Hughes. Tuesday 8th September 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Southwold Theatre Outing The choice of play to be discussed by members nearer the time. Saturday 1st August 2015 @ Date and time TBC
Grandad Played the Cornet A talk by David Cawdell. Tuesday 14th July 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Garden Meeting: Ladybird Nurseries A talk by Bob Booker. Tuesday 9th June 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Resolutions Meeting: The Cheese Shop. A discussion about the WI resolutions for this year plus a talk by Jason Salisbury. Tuesday 12th May 2015 @ 7.15 pm
The Freedom Programme A talk by Caroline Bellis Tuesday 14th April 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Birthday Supper: Henstead Exotic Garden A talk about Henstead Exotic Gardens by Andrew Brogan plus supper will be provided. Tuesday 10th March 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Members Evening An evening where the members provide the entertainment. Tuesday 10th February 2015 @ 7.15 pm
The Garrett Family A talk by Margaret Young Tuesday 13th January 2015 @ 7.15 pm
Subscription tea A social event at which one can pay the membership fee for 2015. Monday 5th January 2015 @ 2.00 pm
Christmas meal Meal out - TBA Tuesday 9th December 2014 @ TBA
AGM Meeting Tuesday 11th November 2014 @ 7.15
A Day In The Life Of a GP - Dr Nick Cooper Talk Tuesday 14th October 2014 @ 7.15
English Glass 1840-1940 - Barry Skelcher Talk Tuesday 9th September 2014 @ 7.15
Theatre trip Play and date TBA. Friday 1st August 2014 @ TBA
Life of a Vet - Brian Faulkener Talk Tuesday 15th July 2014 @ 7.15
For All Who Love Visiting Gardens - Basil Jenkyns. Garden meeting Talk Tuesday 10th June 2014 @ 7.15
Resolutions Discussion Tuesday 13th May 2014 @ 7.15
Malta in the 20th Century - Dr John Greenacre Talk Monday 14th April 2014 @ 7.15
Single Handed Sailing to Brazil - David Foreman + Birthday Supper Talk and meal Tuesday 11th March 2014 @ 7.15
Members Evening TBA Tuesday 11th February 2014 @ 7.15
Heraldry - Peter Maclachlan Talk Tuesday 14th January 2014 @ 7.15
Christmas Party Christmas Party in the Reading Room. Details TBA. Tuesday 10th December 2013 @ 7.15
AGM 2013 Dunwich AGM. Tuesday 12th November 2013 @ 7.15
An Indian Experience Speaker P M Baker. Tuesday 8th October 2013 @ 7.15
The Mary Rose Speaker Philip Roberts. Tuesday 10th September 2013 @ 7.15
Theatre Outing 2013 Play, location, date and time to be announced. Thursday 1st August 2013 @ TBA
Butley Priory Speaker Sheila Harrison Tuesday 9th July 2013 @ 7.15
Garden Meeting - Flowers Speaker Lesley Cooper. Tuesday 11th June 2013 @ 7.15
Resolutions Resolutions meeting. Tuesday 14th May 2013 @ 7.15
Malta Speaker Dr Greenacre. Tuesday 9th April 2013 @ 7.15
Birthday Supper Speaker to be announced. Tuesday 12th March 2013 @ 7.15
Members Evening An evening of entertainment organised by the members. Tuesday 12th February 2013 @ 7.15
The Conservation of Endangered Fruit Trees Speaker Jenny Broad Tuesday 8th January 2013 @ 7.15
Christmas Meal Our Christmas party meal in a restaurant. Tuesday 11th December 2012 @ TBA
AGM Our annual meeting. Tuesday 13th November 2012 @ 7.15
The Masai Mara Speaker Paul Sawer Tuesday 9th October 2012 @ 7.15
Standing Stone, Chalk Figures & the Green Man. Speaker Val Such. Tuesday 11th September 2012 @ 7.15
Theatre Outing Play, date and time TBA. Wednesday 1st August 2012
The Black Fens Speaker Christine Bredlington. Tuesday 10th July 2012 @ 7.15
Garden Meeting Speaker David Boulton will talk about wild flowers. Tuesday 12th June 2012 @ 7.15
Resolutions A chance to discuss the resolutions for this year. Tuesday 8th May 2012 @ 7.15
Group Meeting A social event with other local WI's. Monday 16th April 2012 @ 7.30
How to Handle a Woman Speaker Caroline Meigh. Tuesday 10th April 2012 @ 7.15
Birthday Supper + Letters from Aldeburgh Speaker Sidi Scott will talk to us about Aldeburgh plus dinner will be provided. Tuesday 13th March 2012 @ 7.15