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Acww walk

On April 29th 2012 the Associated Country Women of the World launched its ‘Women Walk the World’ event in order to raise its profile worldwide. At precisely 10 a.m., groups of women from all the different time zones across the world began walking, some just a short way to their nearest village, others for more ambitious distances. This meant that, at any given time during the 24 hours, women somewhere were walking for ACWW. …read more

A Third New WI for Ipswich *Update*

The next meeting will be on Thursday 22nd June at The Key in St Margaret’s Plain starting at 7.30pm. There is parking.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

A message from Leiston's Judy G

Over the last 28 months through the Leiston WI knitting project I have collected knitting for the Intensive care units from ladies who have knitted for me to take to hospitals which total to TEN different hospitals …read more