Negative press reports

Following the recent negative press reports, Lynne Stubbings has written to federations to clear up some factual errors. Read the letter here.


Acww walk

On April 29th 2012 the Associated Country Women of the World launched its ‘Women Walk the World’ event in order to raise its profile worldwide. At precisely 10 a.m., groups of women from all the different time zones across the world began walking, some just a short way to their nearest village, others for more ambitious distances. This meant that, at any given time during the 24 hours, women somewhere were walking for ACWW. …read more

Schedule for the 2018 Suffolk Show


The theme for the WI marquee at the 2018 show is “Circle of Life”. You can see the schedule here or click here for a printable version (print pages 1 and 2 back to back and 3 and 4 ditto, collate and fold and you should have a neat little booklet).

Federation Centenary Choir


Do you enjoy singing? Would you like to be part of a Federation Centenary Choir? We would love to celebrate with some lovely singing from a choir of at least 100 voices. 2019 is our centenary, so we have next year to prepare, but we need some help. To make all this possible we need willing choir leaders, accompanists and venues for regular practice sessions so that groups of singers can get together geographically to rehearse. Is that you? Or do you know someone who could help, even if they’re not a member? …read more