Did you "Walk the World"?

Acww 2012

Following a very popular response last year, SEFWI members were again invited to join the Associated Country Women of the World’s ‘WOMEN WALK THE WORLD’ event* that takes place annually on or around 29th April (ACWW Day) to promote WI’s very own, worldwide charity.

To add a little ‘twist’ this year, as well as sending its best photo, we are suggesting that each institute estimates how far they have walked and count how many ladies took part, then report this to SEFWI rep., Moira Hammond (moira.hammond@gmail.com or 01473 659482). She will calculate our total and announce it in ‘The Countrywoman’, ACWW’s magazine. We will then ‘lay down the gauntlet’ to other member societies in the U.K. to beat this total next year.

* (On April 29th 2012 the Associated Country Women of the World launched its ‘Women Walk the World’ event in order to raise its profile worldwide. At precisely 10 a.m., groups of women from all the different time zones across the world began walking, some just a short way to their nearest village, others for more ambitious distances. This meant that, at any given time during the 24 hours, women somewhere were walking for ACWW. It proved such fun, as well as, by chance, a successful fundraiser, that each year on or around 29th April (i.e. ACWW Day) it is repeated.)The photo shows World President, May Kidd, (in red) leading a group of Angus ladies walking round Forfar Loch in 2012.

Posted on 23-Dec-2016 (Updated: 13-May-2018).