Chocolates for Denman

Barbara chocs2

Like I suspect most WI’s, Blundeston and Flixton had not taken much notice of the request for donations for Denman College. Several of our members have undertaken courses there, some more than once but all that changed when the secretary, Jenny Ferns read about Denman’s funding crisis in a national newspaper with £2 million needing to be raised in the next eighteen months.

Having discussed the matter at a committee meeting, Barbara Shaw offered to demonstrate chocolate making and the WI offered to pay for the hall. All we need now is an audience, so if you are free why not come and do your bit for our college and have a good night out into the bargain.

The date is Tuesday June 20th at 7.30pm in Blundeston Village Hall. Tickets are £5, will include refreshments and can be booked through . Why not bring a car load of friends and have an evening out in the north of the county? I am sure that you all feel, as we do that it would be such a shame if Denman closed down and this is such an enjoyable way to ‘do your bit’.

Posted on 24-Mar-2017 (Updated: 11-Dec-2017).