Advice on starting a new WI

A new WI

So you’d like to start a WI?

If there isn’t a WI near you, or you’ve just moved onto a new development perhaps, and would like to meet like minded women living nearby then your federation office can point you in the direction of excellent help.

WI Advisers are appointed in Suffolk East who have been trained in all aspects of the WI, and can help you publicise a potential WI, find somewhere for an exploratory meeting, bring publicity material and talk you through what you need to do to get a new WI going.

You may have already tested the water with a group of friends or through Facebook for example. That’s good and means that you have an embryo committee to run the new WI. Publicity can be carried out through a local magazine or news-sheet, or a leaflet drop and posters or a neighbourhood website, or all of those! We have found that BBC Radio Suffolk are helpful with publicity too. If you don’t want your telephone number published the WI Adviser can offer hers. You’ll need to think about the day time and place of the monthly meeting too. Not all of these decisions can be taken at once and the WI Adviser will guide you through.

It is very exciting to be in at the beginning of a new WI. The WI has so much to offer and your own WI members will make it everything you want it to be. Contact the office on 01473 251632 or and we’ll do our best to get you going.

Posted on 11-Jan-2014 (Updated: 19-Apr-2021).