(Home) Schools Out Forever……..hopefully!

There have been tears and tantrums (and the children have found it tough too)

but after another nine weeks of home learning, children across Suffolk have now returned to school. The introduction of Zoom and Teams meetings certainly made life a little easier this time round, especially in our household when trying to deal with High School science lessons…..periodic tables anyone? But these cannot replace the real time help and feedback, particularly in the high school years.

The night before the return to school felt surreal. Mr High Schooler laid out his clothes, which never usually happens, along with a supply of face coverings for the day. And when hanging up the small uniform for Miss Reception on the back of the door all those first day of school feelings came flooding back.

There are signs of change within the school gates with hand sanitiser in all areas and staggered start and finish times for different age groups. High school pupils must now wear face coverings at all times. I’m sure all children would welcome some warmer weather soon as doors and windows continue to be open to ensure the schools are well ventilated. Miss Reception spends quite a bit of her school day outside which has meant daily coat washing for Mummy (the mud kitchen is the place to be apparently!). At home the twice weekly lateral flow tests have become the norm albeit a little tickly!

Back to school was definitely needed for all of us. The house seems much calmer, the children are happy to be back into a routine and having the social interaction with their peers which is just as important as academic subjects. Normal service has been resumed as the dining table is used for its intended purpose once again but the pens and paper sit quietly on the bookshelf ‘just in case’.

Bev Pilborough
SEFWI Trustee and member of Self Raising Flowers WI

Posted on 19-Apr-2021 (Updated: 19-Apr-2021).