Helping them to help us

There are many vaccinations centres now in full swing and certainly the larger ones are mainly staffed by volunteers.

Post lunch coffee cake

We are all very grateful for the time they are giving to ensure we all get vaccinated as soon as possible.

A while ago, we were contacted to ask if there was any way WI members could help by providing these volunteers with some sustenance in the form of cake! Well, we are the WI after all. An appeal went out and bakers across the federation stepped up. Contact was made with several of the centres and teams were coordinated to keep the flow of sweet treats and savoury items going.

I delivered some myself to the Gainsborough Centre in Ipswich recently and met some of the team while they were having a coffee break. The appreciation made the effort all worthwhile as the aroma of fresh cheese scones filled the air. Each cake portion is individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination and ensuring everything stays fresh – although nothing hangs around for long!

Vaccination centres will be operational for some time yet, so why not get in touch with your nearest one to see if they could do with a little support in the form of cake? Or, if you are volunteering in a centre and think some baked goods would be appreciated, get in touch with us. I know that when I return to Gainsborough with a fresh delivery, I’ll be warmly welcomed.

Gill Denny
Federation Secretary, Suffolk East Federation of WIs

Posted on 07-Jun-2021 (Updated: 07-Jun-2021).