Events Archive

Event Summary Date
The History of Minsmere and its Wild Life Talk by Alex Friday 10th July 2020 @ 7.30 pm
Holiday Memories Talk by Carole Wheatley Friday 12th June 2020 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions, Competition: An Interesting Brooch Resolutions plus Competition: An Interesting Brooch Friday 15th May 2020 @ 7.30 pm
Chernobyl Talk by Elizabeth Parker Friday 17th April 2020 @ 7.30 pm
Pearly Kings and Queens Talk by Gerry Baxter Friday 13th March 2020 @ 7.30 pm
The Amazing Story of the Suffolk Gypsy Talk by Pip Wright Friday 14th February 2020 @ 7.30 pm
Call the Midwife Talk by Jane Lane Friday 10th January 2020 @ 7.30 pm
A Musical Evening A Musical Evening Friday 13th December 2019 @ 7.30 pm
AGM AGM, Plate of Food, Socialise and Competition (A View From the Window) Friday 8th November 2019 @ 7.30 pm
How Our Language is Being Debased Talk by Mike Rines Friday 11th October 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Hats and the Art of Flower Making Talk and Demonstration by Magdelaine Snowden Friday 13th September 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Silver and Gem Stones Talk by Marianne Brame Friday 12th July 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Active Lives Talk by Julie Stokes Friday 14th June 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions, Fair Trade Talk, Bag Beetle and Competition Resolutions, Fair Trade Talk, Bag Beetle and Competition (Flower Arrangement in a Cup) Friday 10th May 2019 @ 7.30 pm
A Light Hearted Look at The Changing Face of Funerals Talk by Sarah Waterston Friday 12th April 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Old London Bridge Talk by Colin Hopper Friday 8th March 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Suffolk Lavender Farm Talk by Karen Orchard Friday 8th February 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Quick and Easy Supper Dishes Talk and Demonstration by Jane Sago Friday 11th January 2019 @ 7.30 pm
Medieval Poetry (But Not As We Know It) Talk by Mr Richard Langridge Friday 14th December 2018 @ 7.30 pm
AGM AGM, Plate of Food and a Chat Friday 9th November 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Climate Change Talk by Professor John Midwinter Friday 12th October 2018 @ 7.30 pm
The History of Playing Cards Talk by Mr Colin Hopper Friday 14th September 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Memories of a Career in Teaching Talk by Mr Ted Wheatley Friday 8th June 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions Resolutions followed by Bag Beetle Friday 11th May 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Fused Glass Demonstration Talk and demonstration by Miss Alison Mayston Friday 13th April 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Trek for Life (Everest Base Camp) Talk by Mrs Tina Oldfield Friday 9th March 2018 @ 7.30 pm
TV and Radio - "The Way We Were" Talk by David and Karolyn Howlett Friday 9th February 2018 @ 7.30 pm
Forensic Science & Firearms - In Search of the Smoking Gun Talk by Mr Brian Heard Friday 12th January 2018 @ 7.30 pm
There is Nothing Like a Dame Talk by Horry and Sue Parsons about being a pantomime dame Friday 8th December 2017 @ 7.30pm
AGM and Bring and Buy Stall AGM followed by "Bring and Buy" stall, plate of food and socialise Friday 10th November 2017 @ 7.30pm
Craft Group Try a craft Friday 13th October 2017 @ 7.30pm
Household Waste and Recycling Centres Talk by Paula Juster Friday 8th September 2017 @ 7.30pm
"From Paradise to the Grave" Talk by John Goodhand about pub signs Friday 14th July 2017 @ 7.30pm
How We Hear Talk by Karen Finch Friday 9th June 2017 @ 7.30pm
Resolutions plus "What's in the bag" Discussion led by our President followed by game organised by Dorothy Willett Friday 12th May 2017 @ 7.30pm
The Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Talk by Tim Passmore Friday 21st April 2017 @ 7.30pm
The Art of Fine Wood Carving Talk by Barry Marshall Friday 10th March 2017 @ 7.30pm
The Country of China Past and Present Talk by David Prynn and Broke Hall WI 40th anniversary Friday 10th February 2017 @ 7.30pm
Customs and Border Control Talk by Nick Anthony Friday 13th January 2017 @ 7.30pm
Musical Evening Organised by David Liffen Friday 9th December 2016 @ 7.30 pm
AGM AGM, Plate of Food and a Chat, Bring and Buy Stall Friday 11th November 2016 @ 7.30 pm
A Craft Evening Organised by Yvonne and Jennie Friday 14th October 2016 @ 7.30 pm
The Mary Rose A Talk by Philip Roberts Friday 9th September 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Talk by Malcolm Taylor and hopefully a demonstration by a lady and her dog Friday 8th July 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Small Collectables Valuations of items bought in to Sheila Bullard (one per person) Friday 10th June 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions WI Resolutions Friday 13th May 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Frock Horror! By Pauline Baker Friday 8th April 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Road Accident Investigations Talk by Jeff Cribb Friday 11th March 2016 @ 7.30 pm
The Building of the Millennium Tower at Bury St Edmunds Talk by Horry Parsons Friday 12th February 2016 @ 7.30 pm
Jewellery Demonstration By Joyce Thompson Friday 8th January 2016 @ 7.30 pm
The Statues of Ipswich A talk by David and Karolyn Howlett Friday 11th December 2015 @ 7.30 pm
AGM followed by a Bring and Buy Bring a plate of food and chat Friday 13th November 2015 @ 7.30 pm
A Royal Year A talk by Ken Stone Friday 9th October 2015 @ 7.30 pm
The Role of the Town Pastors A talk by Shirley Austin Friday 11th September 2015 @ 7.30 pm
Aromatherapy A talk by Medlin Spenser Friday 10th July 2015 @ 7.30 pm
Samaritans A talk by Mike Southgate Friday 12th June 2015 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions This is followed by Bag Beetle Friday 8th May 2015 @ 7.30 pm
Stokes' Sauces A talk by Vicky McTaggart Friday 10th April 2015 @ 7.30 pm
The Heart of Ipswich Armchair Walk by Ipswich Tourist Information Friday 13th March 2015 @ 7.30pm
The Wolsey Theatre Talk by John Adam-Baker Friday 13th February 2015 @ 7.30pm
Life in Afghanistan A Talk by Alistair Ross Friday 9th January 2015 @ 7.30pm
Phoenix Handbell Ringers Connie Brown introduces the Phoenix Handbell Ringers and their bells Friday 12th December 2014 @ 7.30 pm
AGM - No Speaker AGM followed by Bring and Buy, Eat and Socialise Friday 14th November 2014 @ 7.30 pm
Carry On Cooking - Gavin Hodge Gavin Hodge from Age UK - Cooking demonstration and talk Friday 10th October 2014 @ 7.30 pm
"Let's Have a Sing Song" with Joyce Kimber Joyce Kimber and her songs Friday 11th July 2014 @ 7.30 pm
Osteoporosis - Anne Barnes A talk by Anne Barnes from the National Osteoporosis Society Friday 13th June 2014 @ 7.30 pm
Resolutions - No Speaker Voting on Resolutions and picture quiz Friday 9th May 2014 @ 7.30 pm
'My Working Life with the "BEEB"' with Chris Carne Talk by Chris Carne about the BBC Friday 11th April 2014 @ 7.30 pm
Sisters in Adversity (The 1953 Floods) by Linda Sexton Talk about women in the 1953 floods Friday 14th March 2014 @ 7.30 pm
"All about the Co-op Juniors" by Pauline Walker Talk about the life behind and front of stage by Pauline Walker, Co-Director of the Co-op Juniors Friday 14th February 2014 @ 7.30 pm
"I Was a Gamesmaker at the Paralympic Games" - By Ann Boxall Ann Boxall's role at the Paralympic Games of 2012 in London as a Gamesmaker Friday 10th January 2014 @ 7.30 pm