Events Archive

Event Summary Date
AnEnglish woman's life in Rural Tukey Jenny Gibbs Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Thursday 2nd July 2020 @ 7.15pm
Don't judge a book by the cover Michael Holton Thursday 4th June 2020 @ 7.15pm
Wildlife of SuffolkCoast and Heaths Alexander Bass talking about the wildlife found along the Suffolk coast and on the Heaths Thursday 7th May 2020 - Thursday 7th May 2020 @ 7.15pm
Two Rivers Group Meeting Helen Pankhurst -- Chancellor of university Suffolk Tuesday 28th April 2020 @ 7.15pm
Silver CLay Demonstration Silver Clay demonstration by Alison Mayston Thursday 2nd April 2020 @ 7.15pm
Flowering Bulbs through the year Sonya Burrows will be giving guidance on choosing bulbs for the year Thursday 5th March 2020 @ 7.15pm
Christmas Meeting Social Evening Thursday 5th December 2019 @ 7.15pm
Annual Meeting Election of Officers and a look back over the year with a quiz at tea time Thursday 7th November 2019 @ 7.15pm
Remarkable Women of Ipswich Speaker: Ann Day Thursday 3rd October 2019 @ 7.15pm
Spring Planting With a speaker from Bourne Nursery Thursday 5th September 2019 @ 7.15pm
Garden Meeting See the secretary for further details Thursday 1st August 2019
Buckingham Palace Speaker: David Morton Thursday 4th July 2019 @ 7.15pm
Jewellery made out of Coke Cans With Amanda Sutherland Thursday 6th June 2019 @ 7.15pm
Hearing - Wellbeing for the Ears Speaker: Karen Finch Thursday 2nd May 2019 @ 7.15pm
The Bevin Boys Speaker: Barbara McElroy Thursday 4th April 2019 @ 7.15pm
Cooking for Easter With Di Chilver Thursday 7th March 2019 @ 7.15pm
The Wimbledon Championship through the eyes of a Line Judge Speaker: Wendy Smith Thursday 7th February 2019 @ 7.15pm
Games Evening First meeting of the year Thursday 3rd January 2019 @ 7.15pm
Entertainment With Tyler-Kemp Music Thursday 7th December 2017 @ 7.15pm
Annual Meeting Election of Officers for the coming year Thursday 2nd November 2017 @ 7.15pm
90th Birthday Party Celebrating our WI Thursday 5th October 2017 @ 7.15pm
Life of a Thames Waterman Speaker: Brian Cornell Thursday 7th September 2017 @ 7.15pm
Garden Meeting See the secretary for further information. Thursday 3rd August 2017
Hats and the Art of Flower Making Speaker: Magda Snowden Thursday 6th July 2017 @ 7.15pm
History of Punch and Judy Speaker: Peter Battey Thursday 1st June 2017 @ 7.15pm
Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney Speaker: Sacha Tiller Thursday 4th May 2017 @ 7.15pm
Ipswich Past, Present and Future Speaker: John Norman Thursday 6th April 2017 @ 7.15pm
Gardening Talk Speaker: Claire Mucklestone Thursday 2nd March 2017 @ 7.15pm
The Life and Laughs of a Local Journalist Speaker: Lynne Mortimer Thursday 2nd February 2017 @ 7.15pm
Bag Beetle First meeting of the year Thursday 5th January 2017 @ 7.15pm
Bag Beetle Bring a paper bag with two items worth a total of £1 Thursday 7th January 2016 - Thursday 7th January 2016 @ 7.15pm
Christmas Party Rev. John Robinson entertains with Christmas songs from 1770 to 1970 Thursday 3rd December 2015 - Thursday 3rd December 2015 @ 7.15pm
AGM & Quiz Annual General Meeting Thursday 5th November 2015 - Thursday 5th November 2015 @ 7.15pm
Rail Journey through the Kyber Pass Andrew Woods takes us on a train journey through the Kyber Pass Thursday 1st October 2015 - Thursday 1st October 2015 @ 7.15pm
Frock Horror Confessions of a costume designer by Pauline Baker Thursday 3rd September 2015 - Thursday 3rd September 2015 @ 7.15pm
Garden meeting A garden party held in a member's garden Thursday 6th August 2015 - Thursday 6th August 2015 @ 2.00pm
Two Old Bags Jan Hughes gives a talk entitled 'A Gap year is wasted on the young' Thursday 2nd July 2015 - Thursday 2nd July 2015 @ 7.15pm
Centenary Celebrations A party to celebrate 100 years of the WI Thursday 4th June 2015 - Thursday 4th June 2015 @ 7.15pm
The Suffolk Gypsy Pip Wright tells the story of John Heigham Steggall the Suffolk Gypsy Thursday 7th May 2015 - Thursday 7th May 2015 @ 7.15pm
housebound party A party for our local housebound residents Wednesday 8th April 2015 - Wednesday 8th April 2015 @ 7.15pm
William Pretty & Son Roger Kennell gives a talk on this Suffolk family and corset manufacturer Thursday 2nd April 2015 - Thursday 2nd April 2015 @ 7.15pm
Making Facinators A demonstration by Anita Josselyn and chance to make a fascinator Thursday 5th March 2015 - Thursday 5th March 2015 @ 7.15pm
The Ipswich Waterfront A talk by Ann Day on the history of Ipswich Waterfront Thursday 5th February 2015 - Thursday 5th February 2015 @ 7.15pm
Christmas party with entertainment by the members Christmas frivolity with refreshments & home grown entertainment from our singers and drama group. Thursday 4th December 2014 - Thursday 4th December 2014 @ 7.15pm
AGM & table top show Our AGM & mini produce & plant show. Thursday 6th November 2014 - Thursday 6th November 2014 @ 7.15pm
Comic verses - speaker Mr Eric Punaks An amusing look at comic verse Thursday 2nd October 2014 - Thursday 2nd October 2014 @ 7.15pm
Ancient Egyptian mummification - speaker Mr Ray Crump An illustrated talk on the process of mummification in ancient Egypt Thursday 4th September 2014 - Thursday 4th September 2014 @ 7.15pm
Our garden party Stalls, games and refreshments in one of our member's garden. Thursday 7th August 2014 - Thursday 7th August 2014 @ 2pm
Speaker to be arranged Details will appear later. Thursday 3rd July 2014 - Thursday 3rd July 2014 @ 7.15pm
An evening with Charlie Haylock An hilarious talk from our famous local speaker & author Monday 16th June 2014 - Monday 16th June 2014 @ Tba
Microwave cooking - speaker Mrs Francis Harper A new look at microwave cooking Thursday 5th June 2014 - Thursday 5th June 2014 @ 7.15pm
Flower Arranging with Delcie Corbett One of our members demonstrates flower arranging Thursday 1st May 2014 - Thursday 1st May 2014 @ 7.15pm
Tea & entertainment for housebound residents of Kesgrave A chance for local residents to have an entertaining afternoon Monday 7th April 2014 - Monday 7th April 2014 @ 2 - 2.30pm
Suffragettes in Ipswich - speaker Joy Bounds Talk about the Suffragette movement in Ipswich Thursday 3rd April 2014 - Thursday 3rd April 2014 @ 7.15pm
Britain's Top Mrs Mop - speaker Mrs Deborah Preston An entertaining talk on life as a Mrs Mop Thursday 6th March 2014 - Thursday 6th March 2014 @ 7.15pm
The Suffolk Garretts - speaker Mrs Margaret Young A portrait of a family 1600 to present time Thursday 6th February 2014 - Thursday 6th February 2014 @ 7.15pm
Bag beetle drive (please bring 2 items worth a total of £1 in an opaque bag A fun evening based on beetle with a twist. Thursday 2nd January 2014 - Thursday 2nd January 2014 @ 7.15pm
christmas party a fun evening of entertainment, refreshments to put you in the festive mood. Thursday 5th December 2013 @ 7.15pm
AGM &quiz Annual meeting &quiz Thursday 7th November 2013 @ 7.15pm
Body language Speaker -George Irvine Thursday 3rd October 2013 @ 7.15pm
hands on - fabric pictures a chance to learn about and make fabric pictures Thursday 5th September 2013 @ 7.15pm
garden meeting meeting in a members garden, stalls, cream tea etc. Thursday 8th August 2013 @ 2pm
the history of soap & washing powder Speaker Thursday 4th July 2013 @ 7.15pm
meeting at bucklesham deben group meeting with speaker or entertainment Wednesday 26th June 2013 @ tba
dunwich the lost city speaker - mark mitchell Thursday 6th June 2013 @ 7.15pm
resolution meeting & quiz resolution to be discussed Thursday 2nd May 2013 @ 7.15pm
tea &entertainment for housebound in kesgrave party for housebound Monday 8th April 2013 @ 2.30pm
gardening talk speaker TBA Thursday 4th April 2013 @ 7.15pm
Mrs Grimwade & the Girls of Hope House Speaker - Linda Sexton Thursday 7th March 2013 @ 7.15pm
Hatch, Match & Despatch Speaker Jane Parker Thursday 7th February 2013 @ 7.15pm
Bag Beetle Drive A fun evening beetle drive with a twist Thursday 3rd January 2013 @ 7.15pm
Christmas meeting A festive meeting with entertainment or a speaker Thursday 6th December 2012 @ 7.15pm
AGM and Quiz Our annual general meeting and quiz Thursday 1st November 2012 @ 7.15pm
Quilting by Joan Lumpkin Talk about quilting Thursday 4th October 2012 @ 7.15pm
Journalism by mr D Clements Talk about Journalism Thursday 6th September 2012 @ 7.15pm
Mystery Coach Tour and Tea Mystery Trip and afternoon tea Thursday 9th August 2012 @ To be announced
Stalls, refreshments, games etc. Meeting with entertainment, afternoon tea, stalls etc. Thursday 2nd August 2012 @ 2.30pm
St Elizabeth's Hospice talk Talk on the work of the Hospice Thursday 5th July 2012 - Thursday 5th July 2012 @ 7.15pm
Talk by Rachel Sloane Deben Group comprise of seven WIs and hold a meeting annually to get together. Thursday 21st June 2012 @ 7.30pm
Churches & their peculiarities by David Steward Talk on church oddities Saturday 2nd June 2012 @ 7.15pm
Resolutions & Short talk on Reflxology by Carole Brown Discussion of the W.I. Resolutions & a talk Thursday 3rd May 2012 @ 7.15pm
Tea for Kesgrave housebound An afternoon of entertainment by Kesgrave WI for the local community (by invitation only) Wednesday 25th April 2012 @ 2pm
The Oddfellows Past & Present by Wendy Atkins Talk about Oddfellows Thursday 5th April 2012 @ 7.15pm
SEFWI Annual Meeting see SEFWI Website Tuesday 6th March 2012
Decoy Ducks by Rowland Castle A wildlife talk Thursday 1st March 2012 @ 7.15pm