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Event Summary Date
MEDICAL DETECTION DOGS with Norma Howell Learn how medical alert assistance dogs are trained and supported. Amazingly, these dogs can detect such illnesses as cystic fibrosis, prostate cancer, Parkinson's Disease and malaria. Wednesday 8th September 2021 @ 7.30pm
EXTRA EVENT FOR AUGUST - PUB LUNCH GET-TOGETHER A summer lunch together Wednesday 11th August 2021 @ 12.30pm
SATURDAY MORNING WORKSHOP - MAKE A TERRARIUM Tutor to demonstrate & we fill a terrarium with plants Saturday 17th July 2021 @ TBA
Our WI 60TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - Afternoon tea in an English country garden. Our President's garden Afternoon tea, fizz, punch and more plus entertainment by the Colneis Singers. One of our 60th year celebrations events this year since our WI was formed in January 1961. Saturday 3rd July 2021 @ 2-30-5.30pm
EXTRA ZOOM MEETING to discuss this year's National Resolution (Detecting Ovarian Cancer) To discuss and vote on the 2021 Resolution Wednesday 16th June 2021 @ 7.30pm
WI MEMBERS PICNIC ON CHURCH FIELD An extra June outdoor event. Bring your own picnic, blanket to sit on or chair Friday 11th June 2021 @ From 12.30pm
ZOOM MEETING - 'HERE COMES THE BRIDE' - 'History of Wedding Dresses' with Fran Saltmarsh Expect a fascinating illustrated zoom talk from Fran featuring paintings, images of weddings from 1434, royal weddings, to some Fran has designed herself.. Wednesday 9th June 2021 @ 7.30pm
AFTERNOON TEAS IN GROUPS OF 6 IN MEMBERS' GARDENS Our extra May events - meeting in members' garden for afternoon tea Friday 14th May 2021
ZOOM MEETING - WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY with Stephen Harper Stephen takes great wildlife photographs around Levington creek, in East Anglia and in other parts of the country. Member of the Ipswich & District Photographic Society. Wednesday 12th May 2021 @ 7.30pm
ZOOM MEETING - REFLEXOLOGY with Penny Simmonds Penny will show Hand Reflexology. Wednesday 14th April 2021 @ 7.30pm
ZOOM MEETING - Anne Reeder - Millinery Local milliner will tell and show her trade of making bespoke hats from her studio workshop Wednesday 3rd March 2021 @ 7.30pm
COLOUR YOU BEAUTIFUL - STYLE HINTS AND TIPS with Helen Garth Hints, tips and what colours might be right for you! Wednesday 9th December 2020 @ 7.30pm
AGM plus '3D Origami Demonstration and Practical' with Jonathan Huggin Watch and learn and have a go evening! And vote in a new committee for the coming year. Wednesday 11th November 2020 @ 7.15pm (Note earlier start)
Cake Decorating with the Outrageous Cake Company Expert and fun cake decorating - should be good! Wednesday 14th October 2020 @ 7.30pm
BIRDS OF PREY with Andrew Hulme Andrew is a falconer with a passion for raptors and British wildlife. Wednesday 9th September 2020 @ 7.30pm
AWARE, ALERT, ALIVE with Jeanette & Alan Moser-Bardoulian A lively and fun look at self defence with retired police instructor Wednesday 8th July 2020 @ 7.30pm
ST. ELIZABETH HOSPICE SHOP with John Hammond Come and discover what happens behind the scenes of the Hospice charity shop Wednesday 10th June 2020 @ 7.30pm
NFWI Annual Meeting, London We aim to send a group to the NFWI meeting and a delegate Thursday 4th June 2020 @ Doors open 9.30am
CHEESE AND WINE AND RESOLUTIONS EVENING Listen, debate, vote on the 2020 National Resolutions whilst having a social evening Wednesday 13th May 2020 @ 7.30pm
Matinee performance of FELIXSTOWE MUSICAL THEATRE 'BLESS 'EM' - 75 years anniversary of VE Day followed by meal at The Alex, Felixstowe Levington WI Group booking. This show promises to have us tapping our feet and singing along to war time favourites . Afterwards a meal at The Alex. Saturday 9th May 2020 @ TBA
GOOD HEALTH AND FITNESS with Caroline Colbey from 'Suffolk One' Important subject this - keep fit and healthy Wednesday 8th April 2020 @ 7.30pm
LEVINGTON WI SATURDAY MORNING WORKSHOP - terrarium planting Another one of our Saturday morning workshops for all members and visitors Saturday 28th March 2020 @ Starts 9.00am
MUSICAL EVENING HARP AND CLASSICAL GUITAR with Theaker Music Another one of our relaxing musical evenings Wednesday 11th March 2020 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI ANNUAL MEETING - TRINITY PARK, IPSWICH We support and aim to send a group to our fantastic SEFWI Annual Meeting Tuesday 3rd March 2020 @ From 9.30am
FRAUD, SCAMS & PREVENTION with Lauren Edmunds Helpfu, useful tips and advice on how to avoid Fraud, Scams & Prevention Wednesday 12th February 2020 @ 7.30pm
Our WI 'Ladies who Lunch' Group The first 'Lunch' of the new year and at the restored Ship after the disastrous fire in 2019 Friday 7th February 2020 @ 12.00 for 12.30pm
LEVINGTON WI ROCKS! WE HAVE BOOKED SEATS FOR THE 'ALADDIN 'ROCK.'NROLL PANTO, IPSWICH Our annual visit to the panto! Oh yes it is! Tuesday 21st January 2020 @ TBA
SOCIAL EVENING - PARTY FOOD Our 59th anniversary meeting. Who will win our WI Rose Bowl tonight for the most points in last year's monthly competitions! Wednesday 8th January 2020 @ 7.30pm
LIFE AS A HI-D-HI YELLOWCOAT with David Webb From the Hi-de-Hi Maplins BBC TV programme. David was one of the twins. Sure to be an entertaining meeting! Wednesday 11th December 2019 @ 7.30pm
MEMBERS EVENING CHRISTMAS MEAL Large group of us booked to enjoy an evening Christmas Meal - a great social time together. Thursday 5th December 2019 @ 7.00pm for 7.30pm
SEFWI CENTENARY CONCERT Group of members attending this event and to support our members Diane and Karen who will be singing in the SEFWI Centenary Choir. Tuesday 19th November 2019 @ Doors open 1.30pm
AGM AND 'MY SCOTLAND' with Geoffrey Evans Welcome return of speaker Geoffrey Evans with another entertaining travelogue (remember his Iceland one?) Wednesday 13th November 2019 @ 7.30pm
SERVICE BY EMERGENCY RIDER VOLUNTEERS (SERV) - Suffolk-Cambridgeshire with Clive Shepherd Come and hear the inspirational and valuable service by volunteer motorbike riders who transport life-saving blood, blood products and other urgent medical items for NHS hospitals across our region Wednesday 9th October 2019 @ 7.30pm
CHRISTMAS DOOR WREATH WORKSHOP One of our planned Saturday morning workshops Monday 30th September 2019 @ 9.30am
THE TITANIC EXPERIENCE with Steve Lester Popular speaker Steve Lester returns with a new talk on the Titanic Wednesday 11th September 2019 @ 7.30pm
FLOWER ARRANGING MORNING Saturday morning workshop Saturday 7th September 2019 @ (am)
SEFWI CENTENARY FAIR Looking forward to a special day out with good luck to our members singing in the Centenary Choir Tuesday 3rd September 2019 @ 11.00am-8.00pm
AFTERNOON TEA AT FELIXSTOWE GOLF CLUB Looking forward to another of our afternoon teas out! Wednesday 14th August 2019 @ 2.30pm
VISIT TO SOUTHWOLD THEATRE Looking forward to a great afternoon out in Southwold Saturday 3rd August 2019 @ Afternoon visit and matinee
NO WI MEETING IN AUGUST - BUT LOOK OUT FOR POSSIBLE EVENT/THEATRE TRIP ETC. NEARER THE TIME No official meeting this month but a social get-together could be planned Thursday 1st August 2019
MUSICAL EVENING with the Colneis Singers This local group of singers will entertain us on this evening Wednesday 10th July 2019 @ 7.30pm
Levington Flower Show WI ladies providing the afternoon teas for the Flower Show Saturday 6th July 2019 @ 3.00pm
Ladies who Lunch Group next lunch at the Coach and Horses, Melton Another chance to get together for lunch and social time Thursday 27th June 2019 @ 12.00 for 12.30pm
DEBEN GROUP MEETING at Bucklesham WI We meet up with other local WIs for our Group meeting Tuesday 25th June 2019 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI Federation Quiz, Needham Market Good luck to our team of 4! Monday 24th June 2019 @ 7.30pm
BIRDS OF PREY with Andrew Hulme Andrew is a falconer with a passion for raptors and British wildlife. Wednesday 12th June 2019 @ 7.30pm
Group booking made for THRILLER LIVE AT Norwich Theatre Royal Look forward to a spectacular concert celebrating the career of legendary Michael Jackson Saturday 1st June 2019 @ TBA
RESOLUTION DISCUSSION plus social evening with food at The Hut, Felixstowe We debate and vote on this year's National Resolution(s) followed by food and social get-together by the seaside Wednesday 8th May 2019 @ 7.00pm (note earlier time than normal)
SUFFOLK PUNCH HORSES with Sue van der Meulen The story of the wonderful Suffolk Punch Horses - the oldest breed of horse - and the work of the Trust to help protect the critically endangered Suffolk Punch horse Wednesday 10th April 2019 @ 7.30pm
CENTENARY CELEBRATION AT DENMAN COLLEGE Madam President is thrilled to have successfully secured a place on the Denman College Centenary visit and hopes to learn all about 'Fig Leaves, Farthingales and Fichus' ! Wednesday 10th April 2019 @ From 9.00am
IRIS FOLDING CARDS with Ann Wilding A 'crafty' evening. Iris folding is a fun and easy paper folding technique Wednesday 13th March 2019 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI CENTENARY ANNUAL MEETING - TRINITY PARK, IPSWICH A group of us are going to this very special Centenary Meeting with Centenary Choir Tuesday 5th March 2019 @ From 9.30am
'THE BAND' at The Regent Theatre, Ipswich Group booking made for the new musical 'The Band' featuring the music of Take That Friday 15th February 2019 @ TBA
CREATING YOUR OWN FAMILY TREE with Keeley Taylor Its surprising how interesting and addictive putting your own family tree history together can be Wednesday 13th February 2019 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI TEN PIN BOWLING MORNING Members attending this event. Monday 4th February 2019 @ TBA
GROUP BOOKING MADE FOR CINDERELLA ROCKN'ROLL PANTO AT THE WOLSEY Another return visit to The Wolsey for a fun panto evening Tuesday 22nd January 2019 @ TBA
JANUARY MEETING - TABLE GAMES & PARTY FOOD Our traditional party night and our 58th anniversary Wednesday 9th January 2019 @ 7.30pm
CHRISTMAS QUIZ with Paul Voller A seasonal quiz and social evening to end Levington WI's 2018 programme. Wednesday 12th December 2018 @ 7.30pm
WI 'Ladies who Lunch' event Our last 'Ladies who Lunch' event this year Friday 23rd November 2018 @ 12.30pm
AGM AND CHRISTMAS FLOWER ARRANGING with Vicki Hease After the W| business/AGM we can then sit back and watch an expert flower arranger create some seasonal flower arrangements Wednesday 14th November 2018 @ 7.30pm
MY FALKLANDS EXPERIENCE with Stephen Hope A young man tells of his time spent in the Falklands - illustrated talk Wednesday 10th October 2018 @ 7.30pm
WILLS AND POWER OF ATTORNEY with Carol Lockett A useful and important talk on preparing Wills etc. Wednesday 12th September 2018 @ 7.30pm
GARDEN PARTY AND UKELELE BAND A summer garden party meeting in host's lovely garden with a ukelele band for entertainment Wednesday 11th July 2018 @ 7.30pm
SPOILT FOR CHOICE (The World of Complementary Medicines) with Eric Punaks Come and learn the possible alternatives to prescription medicines Wednesday 13th June 2018 @ 7.30pm
RESOLUTION DISCUSSION & MY 'FLOG IT' EXPERIENCE with member Marian Rose We discuss and vote on this year's National Resolution(s) followed by an illustrated talk by member Marian on her BBC 'Flog It' experience at Glenham Hall Wednesday 9th May 2018 @ 7.30pm
Lunch at the Ferry Boat Inn, Felixstowe Another chance to get together for lunch and social time Friday 20th April 2018 @ 12.00pm
MY LIFE AS AN ARTIST with Sandra Pond A 'crafty/arty' event to be enjoyed Wednesday 11th April 2018 @ 7.30pm
PAELLA AND TAPAS with Ruth Leigh A foody and tasting evening! Yum! Wednesday 14th March 2018 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI ANNUAL MEETING - TRINITY PARK, IPSWICH Remember the date.. tickets have been booked. Tuesday 6th March 2018 @ From 9.30am
WI 'Ladies who Lunch' event A chance to chat and socialise over lunch Friday 23rd February 2018
INSIGHTS OF A PROVINCIAL AUCTIONEER with Steve Lester Come and discover the behind the scenes of an auctioneer house. Wednesday 14th February 2018 @ 7.30pm
Members visit to the RocknRoll Panto at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich A jolly, fun night out at this musical Panto! Tuesday 23rd January 2018 @ 7.00pm
JANUARY MEETING - POEMS, PUDS AND PLAYLET The committee entertains! Don't miss our January Party night Wednesday 10th January 2018 @ 7.30pm
Members visit to 'The Ladykillers of Humber Doucy Lane' play at Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge WI members going out to enjoy a Play by the Eastern Angles theatre group Tuesday 9th January 2018 @ 7.30pm
DECEMBER MEETING 'Hats and making Flowers' with Magdelaine Snowden Come and enjoy Magdelaine's great love of millinery with some adorned by flowers Wednesday 13th December 2017 @ 7.30pm
NOVEMBER MEETING - AGM followed by New Age Kurling A business then social evening. Watch the fun or do have a go with the Kurling stones on the village hall floor and hopefully our directional skills will have improved since the first time we tried this! Wednesday 8th November 2017 @ 7.30pm
OCTOBER MEETING 'The Apache Helicopter' with Barry Humphries This former gunship Apache helicopter British Army veteran pilot who also taught scores of airmen how to fly this attack chopper will have amazing stories to tell. Wednesday 11th October 2017 @ 7.30pm
SEPTEMBER MEETING Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Service with John Cresswell Learn of this valuable volunteer service whose aim is to ensure that the surrounding marine area near us remains safe for all of us Wednesday 13th September 2017 @ 7.30pm
JULY MEETING First Aid Presentation by the St. John's Ambulance A vital chance to improve our knowledge and use of first aid and to learn life saving techniques Wednesday 12th July 2017 @ 7.30pm
JUNE MEETING My Life in Music (me and my cello) with Hattie Bennett A musical evening. Come and hear Hattie's story of her passion for music and particularly the cello. A local lady involved in 'Felixstowe Music'. Wednesday 14th June 2017 @ 7.30pm
MAY MEETING Resolution Discussion at 'The Hut' Felixstowe with fish and chip supper We listen, discuss and then vote on this year's National Resolution(s). Then enjoy some social time together over supper Wednesday 10th May 2017 @ 7.00pm (note earlier time than normal)
APRIL MEETING Making Cards from Scraps with Sarah Waldock Making your own cards can be fun, economical and different. Come and find out! Wednesday 12th April 2017 @ 7.30pm
MARCH MEETING A day in the life of a line judge (Tennis) with Wendy Smith Wendy has line judged Wimbledon and other important tennis matches. Come and hear her fascinating story. Wednesday 8th March 2017 @ 7.30pm
Suffolk East Federation of WIs Annual Meeting An excellent WI day out which is usually well supported by Levington WI. Ticket information in due course for members Tuesday 7th March 2017 @ all day
FEBRUARY MEETING Around the world in 80 beads with Imogen Sheeran Mother of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran brings along and talks about the jewellery she designs and creates often for charity Wednesday 8th February 2017 @ 7.30pm
JANUARY THEATRE TRIP 'Sinbad Rock n'Roll Panto with optional meal beforehand Members January treat to the theatre for some after Christmas pick-me-up! Tuesday 24th January 2017
JANUARY MEETING Eats and Treats Night Our traditional party night and our 56th anniversary Wednesday 11th January 2017 @ 7.30pm
Ticketed SEWFI event 'Christmas Tea Party' at Stratford St Andrews Group of members have tickets for this event and look forward to an enjoyable afternoon amongst other WI friends Wednesday 14th December 2016 @ 1.30pm for 2.00pm
DECEMBER MEETING - Turkish Christmas Customs and Other Celebrations with Jennifer Gibbs A return visit of Jennifer with more Turkish delights! Wednesday 14th December 2016 @ 7.30pm
DECEMBER LEVINGTON WI organised trip to Thursford Christmas Spectacular & Christmas Lunch at The Running Horse, Fakenham Looking forward to a great day out together! Sunday 4th December 2016 @ all day
Ticket event at EARL SOHAM WI enjoying Scrumptious Soups and Decadent Puds event A group of us look forward to the 'Scrumptious Soups & Decadent Puds' event at Earl Soham WI Thursday 10th November 2016
NOVEMBER MEETING - AGM plus 'Hairaid Shelter' We are expecting a fab evening with this bespoke vintage hair and makeup styling service; from the roaring 20s to the 60s Wednesday 9th November 2016 @ 7.30pm
NOVEMBER LEVINGTON WI 'LADIES WHO LUNCH' event The start of a new venture! Tuesday 1st November 2016 @ 12.30pm
OCTOBER MEETING - Microwave Cooking with our Federation Chairman Jane Sago Microwave cooking ideas from our own SEFWI baking champion! Wednesday 12th October 2016 @ 7.30pm
SEPTEMBER MEETING - Samaritans Operation Purse with Marilyn Coates Learn of the work of this amazing charity Wednesday 14th September 2016 @ 7.30pm
JULY MEETING - Tudor Fashion with Jacqueline Norman An insight into the wonderful clothes of the Tudor era Wednesday 13th July 2016 @ 7.30pm
JUNE MEETING - The Suffolk Police Museum with Paul Hyder Find out what lurks in the Suffolk Police Museum! Wednesday 8th June 2016 @ 7.30pm
MAY MEETING - Resolutions meeting plus Lighthouse Women's Aid Learn of the work of this charity who offer support for women and children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering from domestic abuse or violence Wednesday 11th May 2016 @ 7.30pm
APRIL MEETING - Savvy Shopping with Liza Jones She will be giving us tips on how NOT TO fall for the super markets 'bargain buys' that so often turn out not to be so much of a bargain. Wednesday 13th April 2016 @ 7.30pm
MARCH WI MEETING - Lady Alice - Housekeeping in the 15th century with Pip Wright Housekeeping before the aids of washing machines, electric irons etc! Wednesday 9th March 2016 @ 7.30pm
FEBRUARY MEETING - Making cards from scraps with Sarah Walden A fun, creative evening Wednesday 10th February 2016 @ 7.30pm
January WI meeting - PARTY MEAL - Bring a secret party gift - max spend £2 A 3-course sit down meal together to celebrate our 55th birthday! Tuesday 12th January 2016 @ 7.00pm
DECEMBER WI MEETING - PHOENIX HANDBELL RINGERS A musical evening and perhaps we may even be invited to have a go! Wednesday 9th December 2015 @ 7.30pm
NOVEMBER WI MEETING - AGM plus REMARKABLE WOMEN OF IPSWICH by Ann Day A welcome return to Levington WI by Ann Day one of the Blue Badge ladies at the Ipswich TIC Wednesday 11th November 2015 @ 7.30pm
OCTOBER WI MEETING - MY TOP 70 WILDLIFE PHOTOS with Paul Sawer A return visit to Levington WI of Paul Sawer with some more wonderful images this time on wildlife Wednesday 14th October 2015 @ 7.30pm
SEPTEMBER WI MEETING - CRAFT DEMONSTRATION AND HANDS-ON MAKING A JEWELLERY HOLDER with Tricia Walker One of our 'crafty' evenings when we try something different! Wednesday 9th September 2015 @ 7.30pm
JULY WI MEETING - SUFFOLK ACCIDENT RESCUE SERVICE We shall hear about the valuable work of the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service Wednesday 8th July 2015 @ 7.30pm
JUNE WI MEETING - AN EVENING AT 'THE HUT' FELIXSTOWE A WI evening by the seaside which will include our celebration of the NFWI Centenary Celebration Wednesday 10th June 2015 @ 7.00pm
MAY WI MEETING - RESOLUTIONS MEETING plus the 'HISTORY OF THE CO-OP JUNIORS THEATRE COMPANY' To discuss and vote on this year's Resolution followed by Pauline Walker on 'The History of the Co-op Juniors Theatre Company Wednesday 13th May 2015 @ 7.30pm
LEVINGTON WI APRIL CRAFT CLUB EVENING Craft Club open to all (members as well as other village ladies) Wednesday 29th April 2015 @ 7.00pm
APRIL WI MEETING - THE HISTORY OF 'THE HUT', FELIXSTOWE with Richard Holland A venue this WI has often used for a special WI meeting for an evening at the seaside. Once the Red Cross Hut, now run by Felixstowe Old People's Welfare Association, Richard will give the history of 'The Hut' to the present day. Wednesday 8th April 2015 @ 7.30pm
LEVINGTON WI - MARCH CRAFT CLUB EVENING Come and enjoy a friendly, crafty WI Craft Club evening open to all ladies in the village Wednesday 25th March 2015
MARCH WI MEETING - THE WORK OF SUFFOLK ARTLINK with Hayley Field and our own WI member Filomena Cristallino Haylety and our member Filomena will tell of their work as 'Clown Doctors' who bring fun, laughter and distraction to children and young people in hospitals and hospices. Wednesday 11th March 2015 @ 7.30pm
FEBRUARY LEVINGTON WI CRAFT EVENING Our friendly and creative Levington WI Craft Club evening open to all ladies in the village Wednesday 25th February 2015 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
FEBRUARY WI MEETING - DID I TELL YOU I WENT TO INDIA with Jenny McCombe The story of going to India for a year to work as a volunteer in an orphanage and working with disadvantaged children. Wednesday 11th February 2015 @ 7.30pm
JANUARY LEVINGTON WI 2015 CRAFT CLUB Our friendly, creative WI Craft Club open to all ladies in the village Wednesday 28th January 2015 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
JANUARY WI MEETING KURLING AND SUPPER PARTY Our annual party evening having fun having a go at Kurling ending with supper Wednesday 14th January 2015 @ 7.30pm
DECEMBER WI MEETING - CHEESE TASTING WITH SUFFOLK FARMHOUSE CHEESES We look forward to tasting some lovely Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses! The Salisbury family make fine hand-made cheeses by traditional methods from milk from their own pedigree Guernseys. Wednesday 10th December 2014 @ 7.30pm
November Levington WI Craft club evening Come along to our 'craft and natter' evening. Bring what craft you are working on, Get tuition in some crafts or attempt new ones. Wednesday 26th November 2014 - Wednesday 26th November 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
AGM plus FLOWER ARRANGINGS AND READINGS with Sue Cockram Sue, a highly experienced and gifted flower arranger (she organises flower displays at St. Edmundsbury Cathedral) will demonstrate flower arrangements interspersed with poetry readings with a seasonal theme. Wednesday 12th November 2014 @ 7.30pm
October Levington WI Craft Club evening Join in our 'craft and natter' evening. Bring your own craft, get tuition with watercolour painting, knitting, crocheting etc. Attempt a new craft. Wednesday 29th October 2014 - Wednesday 29th October 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
LOOKING AFTER VIPs and PROTECTIONS with Gary Egerton Gary, police bodyguard, will give an insight into the world of VIP protection. Wednesday 8th October 2014 @ 7.30pm
September Levington WI Craft Club evening Another craft and natter evening. Bring your current craft work with you, get help or tuition or learn a new craft on the night Wednesday 24th September 2014 - Wednesday 24th September 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
MINSMERE NATURE RESERVE with Ian Barthorpe RSPB Publicity Manager Ian Barthorpe will tell about the Minsmere Nature Reserve which lies on the Suffolk Coast and has woodland, wetland and coastal scenery and a plethora of birds and wildlife. Wednesday 10th September 2014 @ 7.30pm
August Levington WI Craft Club evening A 'crafty and natter' evening. Bring along your current craft work, knitting, stitching or watercolour painting or learn new craftwork as organised on the night Wednesday 27th August 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
July Levington WI Craft Club evening A craft and natter evening incl. knitting, stitching, crocheting, watercolour painting and other craft ideas as organised on the night Wednesday 30th July 2014 - Wednesday 30th July 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
TEXTILES AND EMBROIDERY with Mandy Bouttell Mandy, a member of the 'Beyond Stitch' group of Suffolk creative textile artist, comes to show and explain her textile work which is based on her interest in both the natural world and architecture. Wednesday 9th July 2014 @ 7.30pm
June Levington WI Craft Club Bring your knitting, stitching, crocheting, watercolour painting plus join in with other craft work as organised Wednesday 25th June 2014 - Wednesday 25th June 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
VISIT TO THE ROYAL BOTANIC KEW GARDENS, LONDON Coach trip organised by Levington WI for members, family and friends Saturday 21st June 2014 - Saturday 21st June 2014 @ Coach leaves Levington 08,30am
THE HISTORY OF WOODBRIDGE TIDE MILL with Nigel Barratt With Nigel Barrett, of the Woodbridge Tide Mill Trust, we will learn about the history of the Mill and the working lives of those who ran it. We will also hear about the operation of the Mill since it re-opened in April 2012 after major restoration. Wednesday 11th June 2014 @ 7.30pm
SUFFOLK SHOW 2014 reminder A reminder to visit the SEFWI marquee to view Levington WI entries and other WI entries in the WI classes Thursday 29th May 2014 - Thursday 29th May 2014 @ all day
SUFFOLK SHOW reminder date Visiti SEFWI Marquee and view Levington WI entries and others in the WI classes Wednesday 28th May 2014 - Wednesday 28th May 2014 @ all day
May Levington WI Craft Club A knit and natter plus stitch, watercolour painting and other crafts evening Tuesday 27th May 2014 - Tuesday 27th May 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
RESOLUTIONS MEETING Our annual 'Resolutions' meeting when we discuss, debate and then vote on this year's resolution(s) Wednesday 14th May 2014 @ 7.30pm
April Levington WI Craft Club evening Craft evening of knitting, watercolour painting and other crafts Wednesday 30th April 2014 - Wednesday 30th April 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
THE CRYSTAL PALACE AND THE GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1851 with Dr. Geoffrey Kay An illustrated talk telling the amazing story of the cast iron and plate glass ‘crystal palace’, and the people who organized the world’s first international exhibition Wednesday 9th April 2014 @ 7.30pm
March Levington WI Craft Club Craft night of knitting, watercolour painting and other crafts Wednesday 26th March 2014 - Wednesday 26th March 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
FELTING YESTERDAY AND TODAY with Elizabeth Taylor Not the REAL Elizabeth Taylor but nevertheless we very much look forward to this craft evening on felting Wednesday 12th March 2014 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI FEDERATION COUNCIL MEETING If successful with ticket application, no doubt, we will have the usual excellent turnout from Levington WI members to this always much anticipated yearly Federation meeting. Tuesday 4th March 2014 @ All day
FEBRUARY LEVINGTON WI CRAFT CLUB EVENING Craft Club evening - knitting, watercolour painting and other crafts Wednesday 26th February 2014 - Wednesday 26th February 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
FROM FORENSIC PHOTOGRAPHY TO ART with Chris Farndell Chris Farndell, a retired police officer, will show images of his work as a scenes of crime photographer which led him to photographing art. Wednesday 12th February 2014 @ 7.30pm
Levington WI Craft Club evening Knitting, watercolour painting and other crafts Wednesday 29th January 2014 - Wednesday 29th January 2014 @ 7.00pm-9.00pm
PARTY EVENING with games and a lucky dip Secret Party Gift costing no more than £1.00 A get-together party evening to kick start the Levington 2014 programme with some fun games. Wednesday 8th January 2014 - Wednesday 8th January 2014 @ 7.30pm
GOD REST YE MERRY with Linda Scoles Linda will give a talk on Christmas presents for her family! Expect fits of laughter and an entertaining evening! Wednesday 11th December 2013 - Wednesday 11th December 2013 @ 7.30pm
AGM plus CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST with Amanda Richmond For all us couch potatoes ! Following the AGM business, PE teacher Amanda Richmond will tell of her epic 8,850m climb of Mount Everest, battling storms, giant snow plumes and freezing temperatures. The oldest woman to achieve such a feat. Wednesday 13th November 2013 - Wednesday 13th November 2013 @ 7.30pm
LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE with Jane Sago Jane, one of our own Federation officers, will demonstrate how left overs can be made into delicious meals. We hope there are some left over for us to taste! Wednesday 9th October 2013 - Wednesday 9th October 2013 @ 7.30pm
'ATLANTIC CHILDREN' by Juliet Dearlove An adventure story of a Family's Year Afloat. Juliet with her husband and two young children took a year out and sailed the 12,000 mile journey from Italy home to England. Wednesday 11th September 2013 - Wednesday 11th September 2013 @ 7.30pm
No meeting in August We take a break from meeetings during the August holiday period Thursday 1st August 2013
VISIT TO 'THE HUT' at Felixstowe with Fish and Chip Supper (to be confirmed) We hope for another enjoyable social evening at 'The Hut'. After the business a fish and chip supper Wednesday 10th July 2013 - Wednesday 10th July 2013 @ to be confirmed
RE-CREATING A CORONATION STREET TEA PARTY A Levington WI event to celebrate the Queen's 60th anniversary of her Coronation Wednesday 12th June 2013 - Wednesday 12th June 2013 @ 7.30pm
RESOLUTIONS MEETING The annual Resolutions meeting where we learn about, discuss debate and vote on this year's short listed Resolutions Wednesday 8th May 2013 - Wednesday 8th May 2013 @ 7.30pm
FABRIC FLOWERS with Vicki Hease Demonstration/talk on folded fabric flowers which can be made into fabulous corsages, napkin holders, fascinators and even bags. Wednesday 10th April 2013 - Wednesday 10th April 2013 @ 7.30pm
THE HISTORY OF BUTLEY PRIORY with Sheila Harrison Find out about the history of the Priory from 1171 to the present day; hear how it was founded and the people who have lived there including how the monks lived their lives over 350 years. And what has happened to the Priory since it was dissolved. Wednesday 13th March 2013 - Wednesday 13th March 2013 @ 7.30pm
THE MASAI MARA with Paul Sawer Expect 'Out of Africa' scenes as Paul shows images from a Kenyan/Masai Mara visit Wednesday 13th February 2013 - Wednesday 13th February 2013 @ 7.30pm
PARTY EVENING with Mystic Belly Dance plus finger buffet to follow An evening to socialise, have fun, join in (or watch!) the belly dancing and finish with a lovely finger buffet. Wednesday 9th January 2013 - Wednesday 9th January 2013 @ 7.30pm
THE ARTISAN SMOKEHOUSE with Tim Matthews Tim and his family run an Artisan Smokehouse at Trimley producing award winning smoked delicacies. He will be talking about the business, bringing along products to buy and best of all samples! Wednesday 12th December 2012 @ 7.30pm
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & CHOCOLATE MAKING with Barbara Shaw After the seriousness of the AGM (don't you just love them!) its a fun and entertaining evening with Barbara's chocolate making demonstration. Yum! Wednesday 14th November 2012 @ 7.30pm
GALLOWAYS PAST AND PRESENT A member of staff will be talking about the work, holidays and services provided by Galloways Coaches, one of East Anglia's leading coach and bus operators Wednesday 10th October 2012 @ 7.30pm
MOUNTAINS 4 MONEY with Graham Hart Graham Hart will tell of his adventures when celebrating his 60th birthday he took up the challenge of climbing 200 hills and mountains in the Lake District for charity aiming to raise £60,000 for the Methodist Relief and Development Fund Wednesday 12th September 2012 @ 7.30pm
GARDEN MEETING at WI member's house An evening of enjoying each other's company in a member's garden (inside if inclement weather) attending to WI business and including refreshments Wednesday 11th July 2012 @ 6.30pm
WI GROUP MEETING SPEAKER to be Rachel Sloane a BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Thursday 21st June 2012 @ 7.30pm
WOOD CARVING with Maureen Midwinter Maureen Midwinter will talk to us about her wood carving and bring along some wonderful examples of her work Wednesday 13th June 2012 @ 7.30pm
THE SUFFOLK SHOW 2012 including WI Marquee and WI competition classes Suffolk's prestigious annual agricultural Show Friday 8th June 2012 @ all day
SUFFOLK SHOW including WI Marquee and WI competition classes The County's prestigious Annual Agricultural Show Thursday 7th June 2012 @ all day
The National WI AGM 2012 The annual national WI AGM Wednesday 30th May 2012
RESOLUTIONS MEETING Meeting to discuss and vote on this year's Resolutions Wednesday 9th May 2012 @ 7.30pm
The Work of the Animal Health Trust animal health Wednesday 11th April 2012 @ 7.30pm
FROM DIAMONDS TO SILVER CLAY with Melanie Blakie A talk and demonstration of silver clay jewellery by Melanie Blakie Wednesday 14th March 2012 @ 7.30pm
SEFWI ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING 100s of members from WIs from all over the Suffolk East area converge on Trinity Park for the SEFWI annual council meeting Tuesday 6th March 2012
ATLANTIC CHILDREN with Juliet Dearlove Juliet and her husband with their two children took a year out to sail half way across the world Wednesday 8th February 2012 @ 7.30pm
PARTY EVENING After the business of the evening time to socialise, party games and food! Wednesday 11th January 2012 - Wednesday 11th January 2012 @ 7.30pm