Events Archive

Event Summary Date
Astronomy - a beginners guide (members meeting) Monthly meeting. Tuesday 16th June 2020 @ 19:30hrs
Resolutions. Chips with everything Monthly meeting. Tuesday 19th May 2020 @ 19:30hrs
Yum Yum Tree fudge Monthly meeting. Tuesday 21st April 2020 @ 19:30hrs
3D Origami Monthly meeting. Tuesday 17th March 2020 @ 19:30hrs
Forensic Science and Firearms Monthly meeting. Monday 17th February 2020 @ 19:30hrs
94th Birthday meal Birthday meal Tuesday 21st January 2020 @ 7pm for 7.30pm
Christmas Tudor music Monthly meeting. Tuesday 10th December 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Annual Meeting 2019 Monthly meeting. Tuesday 19th November 2019 @ 19:30hrs
History of Womens' underwear Monthly meeting. Tuesday 15th October 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Medical Detection and Alert Assistance dogs Monthly meeting. Tuesday 17th September 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Grow, cook and Sew Show Annual show Tuesday 20th August 2019 @ 7pm
Members meeting - Birds of Prey live birds Monthly meeting. Tuesday 16th July 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Sutton Hoo Monthly meeting. Tuesday 18th June 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Resolutions - Food for Thought Monthly meeting. Tuesday 21st May 2019 @ 19:30hrs
Hats and the Art of Flower Making Monthly meeting. Tuesday 16th April 2019 @ 19:30hrs
The Bartlet Bath Hotel Suffragettes in Felixstowe Monthly meeting. Tuesday 19th March 2019 @ 19:30hrs
East Coast Truckers Monthly meeting. Tuesday 19th February 2019 @ 19:30hrs
93rd Birthday Meal Birthday meal Friday 14th December 2018 @ 7pm for 7.30pm
December Monthly meeting 2018 Me and My Cello - Hattie Bennett Tuesday 11th December 2018 @ 19:30hrs
November Annual meeting 2018 Annual Meeting & social time Tuesday 20th November 2018 @ 19:30hrs
October Monthly meeting 2018 Stowmarket Food Bank - Mike Smith Tuesday 16th October 2018 @ 19:30hrs
September Monthly meeting 2018 A Nautical Life - Janet Store Tuesday 18th September 2018 @ 19:30hrs
Grow Cook and Sew show 2018 Grow Cook and Sew show 2018 Tuesday 21st August 2018 @ 19:00hrs
July Monthly meeting 2018 (Members meeting) Art painting workshop - Stephen Govier Tuesday 17th July 2018 @ 19:30hrs
June Monthly meeting 2018 My life as a Hi De Hi yellow coat - David Webb Tuesday 19th June 2018 @ 19:30hrs
May Resolutions meeting 2018 Resolutions meeting - Taters, Toppings and Tarts. Tuesday 15th May 2018 @ 19:30hrs
April Monthly meeting 2018 Gipping River Trust - Lewis Tyler Tuesday 17th April 2018 @ 19:30hrs
March Monthly meeting 2018 All about Sushi - Andy Wilkinson Tuesday 20th March 2018 @ 19:30hrs
Feb 2018 Monthly meeting Silver & gemstones - Marianne Brame Tuesday 20th February 2018 @ 19:30hrs
92nd Birthday meeting 92nd birthday. Tuesday 16th January 2018 @ 6.30 for 7pm
Suffolk ghosts and hauntings Suffolk ghosts and hauntings - Robert Halliday Tuesday 12th December 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Annual Meeting - Film of Mendlesham 2016 Annual Meeting - Film of Mendlesham 2016 - Geoff Clarke Tuesday 21st November 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Experiences as a wimbledon umpire Experiences as a wimbledon umpire - Wendy Smith Tuesday 17th October 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Barley, Beer and Brewing Barley, Beer and Brewing - Ann Day Tuesday 19th September 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Grow, cook and Sew Show Grow Cook & Sew Show Tuesday 15th August 2017 @ 19:00hrs
Household Waste (Members Meeting) Household Waste - Paula Juster (members meeting) Tuesday 18th July 2017 @ 19:30hrs
French Gastronomy French Gastronomy - Fiona Cooper Tuesday 20th June 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Resolutions meeting - cheese and potato pie and a chat Resolutions Tuesday 16th May 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Felting Monthly meeting. Tuesday 18th April 2017 @ 19:30hrs
Pensioners taking a Gap Year Speakers: Lynne and Marilyn Tuesday 21st March 2017 @ 7.30pm
The Top End of Australia Speaker: Graham Jenner Tuesday 21st February 2017 @ 7.30pm
91st Birthday Meeting First meeting of the year Tuesday 17th January 2017
Annual Meeting Monthly meeting. Tuesday 15th November 2016 @ 7.30pm
A dabble evening Monthly meeting. Tuesday 18th October 2016 @ 7.30pm
Life Beyond the Home Front Monthly meeting. Tuesday 20th September 2016 @ 7.30pm
Grow Cook & Sew Show Grow Cook & Sew Show Tuesday 16th August 2016 @ 7pm
The tale of a ride round England by horse Monthly meeting. Tuesday 19th July 2016 @ 7.30pm
Evening outing - Suffolk Farm House Cheeses evening outing further details tbc Tuesday 5th July 2016 @ tbc
Farming with Wildlife in Mind Monthly meeting. Tuesday 21st June 2016 @ see below for details
Resolutions: Chicken - Chips - & - Char Monthly meeting. Tuesday 17th May 2016 @ 7.30pm
Medieval Poetry (but not as you know it) monthly meeting Tuesday 19th April 2016 @ 7.30pm
A Tale of a Tapestry - Bayeaux Monthly meeting. Tuesday 15th March 2016 @ 7.30pm
Suffolk Lowland Search & Rescue Monthly meeting. Tuesday 16th February 2016 @ 7.30pm
90th Birthday Meal Birthday meal Monday 18th January 2016 @ 7pm for 7.30pm
The English gypsy caravan Dec meeting Tuesday 8th December 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Annual Meeting Nov 2015 Tuesday 17th November 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Trash to treasure Oct meeting Tuesday 20th October 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Teaching in prison Sept meeting Wednesday 16th September 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Grow, Cook & Sew show annual show Tuesday 18th August 2015 @ 19:00hrs
Fighting crime whilst coping with an illness July meeting Tuesday 21st July 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Suffolk farm house cheeses June meeting Tuesday 16th June 2015 @ 19:30hrs
National AGM - live broadcast to Old School Room Live broadcast of AGM Thursday 4th June 2015
Resolutions meeting - pork pie & pickle May meeting Tuesday 19th May 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Life & times of the cooking canon April meeting Tuesday 21st April 2015 @ 19:30hrs
Thompson & Morgan March meeting Tuesday 17th March 2015 @ 19:30hrs
interesting-times-as-a-bat-surveyer February meeting Tuesday 17th February 2015 @ 19:30hrs
89th-birthday-meeting 89th Birthday meal Tuesday 20th January 2015
A musical evening. A musical evening with Petra Garrard Tuesday 16th December 2014 @ 19:30hrs
An uplifting experience Monthly meeting. Tuesday 18th November 2014 @ 19:30hrs
A zoo in my back garden Monthly meeting. Tuesday 21st October 2014 @ 19:30hrs
Fabric Flowers as corsages monthly meeting Tuesday 16th September 2014 @ 19:30hrs
Grow, cook and Sew Show Annual show Tuesday 19th August 2014 @ 19:00hrs
Starts - Celebrities & Special Occasions Monthly meeting. Tuesday 15th July 2014 @ 19:30hrs
The Life of a Family in the 1900s - Members meeting. Monthly meeting. Tuesday 17th June 2014 @ 19:30hrs
Resolutions meeting - Pizza, pasta & plonk! Monthly meeting. Tuesday 20th May 2014 @ 19:30hrs
Lucky is the name Monthly meeting. Tuesday 15th April 2014 @ 19:30hrs
Creating Theatre History from Local Sources Creating theatre history from local sources by Ivan Cutting Tuesday 18th March 2014 @ 19:30hrs