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Event Summary Date
AGM & talk on Afghanistan Village resident and former operations manager of the World Bank in Jakata and acting country director in Afghanistan, Josie Bassinette, will talk about her time in Afghanistan Thursday 7th November 2019 @ 2.30 pm
Truly Traceable - Award-winning local food producer Mrs Lynn Tricker, part of the husband and wife team behind the award-winning range of artisan pies and sausage rolls based in Halesworth, discusses the family business of deerstalking, butchering and beautifully encrusting fully traceable meat. Thursday 3rd October 2019 @ 2.30 pm
Solving local crime Solving Local Crime by Mr Roy Lambert Thursday 5th September 2019 @ 2.30 pm
Summer break - no meeting No meeting Friday 2nd August 2019
Summer meeting Details still to be confirmed Thursday 4th July 2019
Memories of Afghanistan Village resident and former operations manager of the World Bank in Jakata and acting country director in Afganistan, Josie Bassinette, will talk about her time in Afganistan Thursday 6th June 2019 @ 2.30 pm
Emergency First Aid and Resuscitation Mrs Val Carse will discuss and demonstrate emergency first aid and resuscitation Thursday 2nd May 2019 @ 2.30 pm
Social meeting Social meeting Thursday 11th April 2019 @ 2:30 pm
Easter Decorations Create Easter Decorations with Mrs Sue Green & Mrs Sue Ireland Cutting Thursday 7th March 2019 @ 2.30 pm
The Lighthouse Refuge Our speaker is from the Lighthouse Women's Aid charity in Ipswich, which provides support to women and children suffering domestic abuse. Thursday 7th February 2019 @ 2.30 pm
blank blank Friday 4th January 2019
Annual registration and Quiz Annual registration and Quiz Thursday 3rd January 2019 @ 2 pm
Christmas meeting Christmas party and a talk on the origins of modern carols by the Rev. John Robertson Thursday 6th December 2018 @ 2.30 pm
AGM and social afternoon AGM meeting Thursday 1st November 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Christmas Decorations Workshop Gallery Thea, the Southwold gallery that produces original hand-painted ceramics, will run a workshop on producing Christmas decorations Thursday 4th October 2018 @ 2.30 om
Walberswick WI Centenary Celebration Centenary celebration with Libby Purves as guest speaker Thursday 6th September 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Summer meeting to be advised Thursday 5th July 2018 @ to be advised
Rudyard Kipling The life and work of Rudyard Kipling by Mr Erik Punaks Thursday 7th June 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Venice Carnival The costumes, history and architecture of the Venice Carnival by Mr John Wrigley Thursday 3rd May 2018 @ .30 pm2
Lady Liberty The history of New York's Statue of Liberty by Dr Geoffrey Kay Thursday 5th April 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Oliver Cromwell The life and times of Oliver Cromwell by Mr Mark Mitchell Thursday 1st March 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Food Quiz Food quiz covering unusual kitchen implements and recipes with surprise ingredients Thursday 1st February 2018 @ 2.30 pm
RSPB Minsmere A talk about RSPB Minsmere, the nature reserve owned and managed by the RSPB, by Mr Mike Powell-Evans Thursday 4th January 2018 @ 2.30 pm
Christmas Party and 'My Life on the Wicked Stage' Annual Christmas event followed by a talk by Mrs Joyce Kimber Thursday 7th December 2017 @ 2.30 pm
AGM and social afternoon Annual General Meeting followed by tea Thursday 2nd November 2017 @ 2.30 pm
The De La Pole family history Speaker: Mr Stephen Govier Thursday 5th October 2017 @ 2.30 pm
The Life and Times of the artist John Constable Speaker: Mr Geo Fradgley Thursday 7th September 2017 @ 2.30 pm
Summer meeting and afternoon tea The traditional Walberswick summer garden tea party Thursday 6th July 2017
Lifeboat Tales A speaker from the RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea, discusses the work of the organisation. Thursday 1st June 2017 @ 2.30 pm
Into the Forest Ms Jo Carrick of the Red Rose Chain Theatre in Ipswich talks about their Theatre in the Forest Programme. Thursday 4th May 2017 @ 2.30 pm
The World Bank The work of the World Bank, a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, is discussed by Ms Josie Bassinette Thursday 6th April 2017 @ 2.30 pm
Garden design and plants for sandy soil with Mr David Keleel of Darsham Nurseries Thursday 2nd March 2017 @ 2.30 pm
Old Sayings with Mr Peter Banham Thursday 2nd February 2017 @ 2.30 pm
Christmas Celebration With Hattie Bennett and her Cello Thursday 1st December 2016 @ 2.30pm
Annual Meeting Election of Officers and Committee for the coming year followed by Social Afternoon Thursday 3rd November 2016 @ 2.30pm
Murder and Haunting Most Foul Speaker: Robert Halliday Thursday 6th October 2016 @ 2.30pm
From the USA to Darsham Nurseries Speaker: David Keleel Thursday 1st September 2016 @ 2.30pm
Summer Meeting With Afternoon Tea Thursday 7th July 2016 @ 2.30pm
Tea Party Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday Thursday 2nd June 2016 @ 2.30pm
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People With a Special Guest Dog Thursday 5th May 2016 @ 2.30pm
Trek for Life Speaker: Tina Oldfield Thursday 7th April 2016 @ 2.30pm
The Value, Fun and Fascination of Old Churches Speaker: Roy Tricker Sunday 3rd April 2016 @ 2.30pm
Tales of a Travelling Cavalryman Speaker:Dick Johnson Thursday 4th February 2016 @ 2.30pm
The Good Old Times at BBC Radio Speaker: Jonathan Hunt Thursday 7th January 2016 @ 2.30pm
Christmas Celebration Christmas Celebration Thursday 3rd December 2015 @ 12.30p.m.
A.G.M. and Social Afternoon A.G.M. and Social Afternoon Thursday 5th November 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Turkey, village life and cuisine Speaker Mrs. Jennifer Gibbs Thursday 1st October 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Medecins sans Frontieres Speaker Dr. Helen Bygrave Thursday 3rd September 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Garden Meeting See Secretary for further information Thursday 2nd July 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Frock horror! Speaker Miss Pauline Baker Thursday 4th June 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
China,ancient culture to industrial giant Speaker Mr. David Prynn Thursday 7th May 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Codes, Cyphers and Enigmas Speaker Mrs. Joyce Kimber Thursday 2nd April 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Centenary Celebration Lunch and Revue Thursday 5th March 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
My life in comedy Speaker Ms Jan Etherington Thursday 5th February 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Precious metals - Jewellery design Speaker Mr.Michael Carpenter Thursday 8th January 2015 @ 2.30p.m.
Christmas Party Christmas Party Thursday 4th December 2014 @ 12.30p.m.
AGM and Social Afternoon AGM and Social Afternoon Thursday 6th November 2014 @ 2.30pm
An Insight into the Prison Service Speaker Governor Moore Thursday 2nd October 2014 @ 2.30pm
The Art of Sugarcraft Speaker Mr John Dean Thursday 4th September 2014 @ 2.30pm
Garden Meeting See Secretary for further information Thursday 3rd July 2014 @ 2.30pm
The Fisherman's Mission Speaker Mr Andy Malcolm Thursday 5th June 2014 @ 2.30pm
Resolutions - Social afternoon and Jenny Cardwell's Bursary Speaker Jenny Cardwell Thursday 1st May 2014 @ 2.30pm
Wool and Silk Speaker Mr Douglas Baker Thursday 3rd April 2014 @ 2.30pm
Ideas for your Garden Speaker from Wootens of Wenhaston Thursday 6th March 2014 @ 2.30pm
How to Dress a Tudor Woman Speaker Mrs Jacqueline Norman Thursday 6th February 2014 @ 2.30pm
Scott's Forgotten Surgeon Speaker Gus Jones Thursday 2nd January 2014 @ 2.30pm
Christmas Party Christmas Party Thursday 5th December 2013
A.G.M. and Social Afternoon A.G.M. and Social Afternoon Thursday 7th November 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
Group Meeting at Walberswick Group Meeting at Walberswick Thursday 10th October 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
A Magical History Tour by Bishop Edward Fox Bishop Edward Fox will give a talk A Magical History Tour Thursday 3rd October 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
The Art of Woodcarving by Mr Barry Marshall Mr Barry Marshall will give a talk on The Art of Woodcarving Thursday 5th September 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
Garden Meeting by kind invitation of Judith Hetherington Garden Meeting to be held at Judith Hetherington's Thursday 4th July 2013
Bats and their Habits by Mrs Sue Morgan Mrs Sue Morgan will give a talk on Bats and their Habits Thursday 6th June 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
National A.G.M. National A.G.M Saturday 1st June 2013
Suffolk Show Suffolk Show Wednesday 29th May 2013 - Thursday 30th May 2013
The Work of A.C.W.W. by Mrs Val Watts Mrs Val Watts will talk on the Work of A.C.W.W. Thursday 2nd May 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
The Care and Propogation of Roses by Mr Simon White from Beales Nurseries Mr Simon White from Beales Nurseries will talk on the Care and Propogation of Roses Thursday 4th April 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
The Storey of The Halesworth Cut by Mr Simon Raven Mr Simon Raven will give a talk on the Halesworth Cut Thursday 7th March 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
Auctions and Valuations by Mr Philip Stone of Durrants Mr. Philip Stone will talk on Auctions and Valuations, bring one item for valuation Thursday 7th February 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
Garden Bird Watch Garden bird behaviour and Winter visitors Thursday 3rd January 2013 @ 2.30p.m.
December Meeting Christmas Party Thursday 6th December 2012 @ 2.30pm
A.G.M. and Social Afternoon A.G.M. followed by Social Afternoon Thursday 1st November 2012 @ 2.30pm
October Meeting Mrs Sue Morgan, Bat Surveyor talk Bats and their Lifestyle Thursday 4th October 2012 @ 2.30pm
September Meeting Mr Bob Coutts, Head Gardener talk The Gardens of Somerleyton Hall Thursday 6th September 2012 @ 2.30pm
July Garden Meeting Mr John Blakesley talk Beekeeping through the Seasons Thursday 5th July 2012 @ 2.30pm
June Meeting Mr Richard Mann talk Edith Cavell Thursday 7th June 2012 @ 2.30pm
Suffolk Show Support the WI at Suffolk Show Thursday 7th June 2012 - Friday 8th June 2012
NFWI National Meeting NFWI National Meeting Wednesday 30th May 2012
May Meeting Resolutions followed by "Laughter" with Alison Basil Thursday 3rd May 2012 @ 2.30pm
April Meeting Mr Andrew Brogan The Story of Henstead Exotic Garden Thursday 5th April 2012 @ 2.30pm
Federation Annual Meeting Federation Annual Meeting Tuesday 6th March 2012
March Meeting Claire Bruce-Clayton from Lawson's delicatessan Cheeses,chutneys and canapes Thursday 1st March 2012 @ 2.30pm
February Meeting Mr Graham Higgins J.P. Tales from the Bench Thursday 9th February 2012 @ 2.30pm