Wolsey Women WI - Spy mission - outdoor treasure trail

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Tango Tango 1-5, the fate of the country is in your hands!
The first phase of your assignment is complete – you’ve secured the virus and must return it to HQ so our science-whizzes can concoct the antidote. But, enemy spies are desperate to thwart your mission! We need to initiate the recovery plan to get you out of there, but first, you need to supply us with the correct activation code. Our field agents have scattered Clues to the scrambled code around Ipswich. We know you have what it takes to solve the Clues and crack the code. Good luck!

Event Dates

Event Date Allocation Date
Thursday 1st July 2021 @ 7:30pm to 9:30pm


To be revealed nerer the time


Members free. Visitors welcome but need to register in advance (£5 fee to cover costs)



Other Information

Email Confirmation? No

Wheelchair Access? Yes

Members Only? No

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