Wolsey Women WI - Come and see our Wolsey Women Windmill in the SEFWI Centenary Windmill Trail (1st June to 30th September)

Windmill 2019 05 27 sneak preview b

Our Wolsey Women Windmill will be on display at the lovely Crafty Baba fabric and sewing shop in Ipswich – http://www.craftybaba.co.uk/ – during the SEFWI Centenary Windmill Trail. (Thank you to Zoe Woods, the owner of Crafty Baba, for her support!)

Our windmill has been a real team effort, with members coming up with the ideas, sharing out the work to make the different component parts, then bringing them all together to create the windmill.

From it, we hope you’ll see what being a member of the WI means to us, and some examples of all the types of activities we get up to in our meetings.

We hope you won’t just look at it from the outside, as there are elements on all the panels, on all the sides. Plus, going into Crafty Baba is always a delight and you never know what you’ll pick up for other WI sessions or your own projects.

The photo here is just a sneak peek at a little part of the windmill. If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll have to come and find us!

If you’d like to know more about Wolsey Women, just get in touch!

Event Dates

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Thursday 15th August 2019


Craft Baba, 32 St Peter's Street, Ipswich, IP1 1XB





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