Final results for our ACWW project


Last year SEFWI promised £2,500 towards the cost of the Tamil Nadu Head-load Fish Vendors’ project funded by the Associated Country Women of the World. This was almost realised before our Indian Day in November. Then, between November and April our total rocketed to an amazing £3,758.68 !

The extra money has been donated to ACWW’s General Projects Fund. This means that we have also contributed to other work in India, Africa and Eastern Europe. Details of these projects are available to read on the ACWW website (

In many cases, ACWW projects have transformed lives, creating confident and successful business women. In Tamil Nadu this was made possible not only by the purchasing of fishing and fish-preservation equipment, but by the provision of training in entrepreneurship and leadership as well as financial help via micro-credit. This has freed the women from poverty and reliance on loan sharks.

You can read the final report here.


Posted on 21-May-2018 (Updated: 05-Aug-2019).