Recycle - and help ACWW

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You can still help ACWW by donating items for recycling, as we have done for the past couple of years. Now almost anything is acceptable: -

• Small electrical items (mobiles, tablets, sat-navs., games consoles)
• Cameras & photographic equipment
• Jewellery & watches (even broken)
• Coins & Notes (UK & foreign)
• Stamps (UK & foreign)

These can be taken to any of our WI collectors

IPSWICH: Moira Hammond (01473 659482)
MENDLESHAM: Anita Scruby (01449 766902)
STOKE ASH: Dilys Sewell (01449 782978)
WOODBRIDGE: Maureen Staines (01394 384194)
EARL SOHAM: Wendy Heath (01728 564201)
WICKHAM MARKET: Paula Scanlon (01728747785)
WENHASTON: Jill Daines (01502 478016)
BECCLES: Hilda Jackson (01502 7143970)

However, if you find that you, or your own institute, have a considerable amount yourself (i.e. weighing in excess of 10 kg.), it can be collected direct from you by a courier. In this case, simply ask Moira (on 01473 659482) to arrange this.

Posted on 01-Feb-2020 (Updated: 14-Nov-2021).