Plant a Tree in 2020


The cost of this planting programme will be covered by the Federation… all we are asking for is your WI members commitment to the environment and climate change.

Look for an area in your community where another tree can be planted. This could be a recreation space, park or within the grounds of your village hall. Perhaps you already have a community planting scheme and one more tree could be added? Maybe you have a community orchard or why not chat to a local farmer?

We would like you to promise to look after your tree for the next 5 years, see your sapling get established, keep it weed free, well watered and prune as necessary.

Download a registration form here, to show your initial interest. (Please note the deadline is now September 30th and not as shown on the form).We will need to know where you intend to plant the tree… don’t forget to seek appropriate permission from your Parish council if necessary, the species of tree taking into consideration the size of the tree when fully grown. This could be anything from the mighty oak, silver birch, maple, beech… perhaps a holly, walnut or fruit tree?

All the trees will be sourced from a local Suffolk Nursery, they will come bare rooted, together with a stake, tie buckle and a rabbit guard. There will also be a tag noting species, the WI and the date planted, and we will also provide a guide to planting and maintaining a healthy tree.

A register of all the WI trees planted will be kept in our archives, and this exciting project will provide plenty of photographic opportunities and feedback in the future and show the love in our battle with climate change.


Posted on 31-Jul-2020 (Updated: 31-Jul-2020).