Limerick Competition


I expect you are wondering how we’ve all managed to get through the last 12 months.

WI members have pulled together and been there for each other and also for those in our communities, always with a supportive smile and plenty of socially distanced fun!
So how about a limerick competition to set 2021 off with a laugh?… the rules are simple and there will be a small prize for the winning entry. We’ll include some in future editions of SEFWI News.
Good luck !

The rules for a limerick are fairly simple:
• they are five lines long.
• lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme with one another.
• lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other.
• they have a distinctive rhythm
• they are usually funny.

Please send your entries to by 31st January 2021

Posted on 09-Dec-2020 (Updated: 01-Apr-2021).