ACWW Projects

Acww projects

Several people have asked if they could hear more about the projects that The Associated Country Women of the World funds.

As you will recall, until about three years ago, it was possible to ‘adopt’ a specific project (in 2011 – 13 SEFWI donated more than £3,000 to help fund a Pickle Project in India and, in 2017 – 18, a similar amount for the Fish Vendors of Tamil Nadu). However, cash-flow was a problem as sometimes it took many years for the amounts promised to be raised.

This was therefore changed to a ‘pot’ system called the WE Fund (Women’s Empowerment Fund), whereby donors could decide the categories of projects to support, rather than the actual projects themselves. (There are six altogether covering education, water, nutrition, agriculture, maternal health and livelihood.) Although this seems a less ‘personal’ arrangement, in fact it means that members can have more influence over the types of projects funded as, the more money each ‘pot’ contains, the more projects of that type can be funded.

From 2016 –2019, ACWW invested £167,439 in 34 projects in 15 countries and in October 2019 funding was agreed for nineteen more. These included Reproductive Health Education in India (see photo)and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Mongolia . Naturally, during the pandemic, it has been impossible to arrange any new projects, but ACWW hopes that, with our help, it will be able to support more in 2022.

Posted on 21-Sep-2021 (Updated: 14-Jul-2022).