Exhibition at Suffolk Show


As part of the 2022 Suffolk Show an exhibition area is being planned to commemorate the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II and Suffolk East Federation have been asked to take part. The topic which has been selected for the WI section of this exhibition is “The Changing Role of Women in the Home” over the 70 year period and a look at some of the many changes that have affected that role.

In order that any comparisons between the various years can be made as fairly as possible it is necessary to select a “typical average” home set up and for this reason the comparisons will look at a period of home life when a woman would be running a home with either a partner or husband and in a period where there were children in the home aged between birth and around 12/13 years old. Experiences will vary depending on whether we are looking at a period around the early 50’s and into the 60’s, or at those who are maybe running a home with children today. This letter to you is to ask for your help in bringing these comparisons to life with your own experiences, whether that be many years ago or very recent. Stories from every age are needed so whether you are a young WI member or a not so young WI member we want to hear about your experiences.

To guide you as to the sort of information that we would like and, again to try and make the information as consistent as possible, we would like you to provide your story by using a set of questions as a guide and telling your story as if you were telling it at the time you were actually running your home with your partner/husband and with the young children. If there are any questions which you would not feel comfortable answering in your story, then please leave that part out. Stories can also be submitted anonymously if you prefer. You can find the set of questions here.

Once we receive all your stories we will be able to display them as a backdrop to the exhibition and allow visitors to see real life experiences throughout the 70 years along with information on some of the many influences that have caused the role of the woman in the home to change. We hope you will want to help with this exercise and very much look forward to hearing all your different experiences so please get writing and send your story in to the SEFWI Office, 22 Orford Street, Ipswich IP1 3NS or email you story to gill@sefwi.org.uk. Stories will be needed as soon as possible but definitely before the end of March 2022.

Posted on 20-Dec-2021 (Updated: 20-Dec-2021).