Centenary Windmill Trail

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A windmill is the logo of our Federation. As part of our Centenary Celebrations we are inviting every WI to join in and make a 3D windmill. The windmill can be any size but should be suitable to be displayed and viewed from the road, either in a window, garden, or perhaps your village hall? …read more

Dear Adelaide Hoodless

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As part of our Centenary Celebrations, SEFWI are holding a writing competition. This involves writing a letter to Adelaide Hoodless, a Canadian farmer’s wife who devised the idea of getting women to meet together regularly, in order to widen their knowledge and share their interests. We have so much to thank Adelaide for, don’t you agree? …read more

Holidays in 2019


Bookings are now being taken for our Spring holiday in North Wales – see the Events page.

Plans are underway for our summer holiday to Belgium and our autumn break to Lancashire.

SEFWI Sales Update


Last October, Di Howard stepped down from SEFWI SALES after five years on the job. We are hugely grateful to her for such devotion to duty. A well-earned rest follows for you now Di! Dilys Sewell and Lynda Leesmith, both newly appointed members to the Board of Trustees, have taken on the task of SEFWI Sales. The ladies joined the Board in March and feel this will be a good way for them to get to know you all – and vice versa! …read more

Did you "Walk the World"?

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Following last year’s very successful ACWW ‘Women Walk the World’ promotional event, eleven SEFWI walking groups decided to repeat it in April/May this year. As previously, several joined forces with other institutes and their walks ranged from strolls around their town or village to hikes across country. Interestingly, most involved coffee and cake too! …read more

Final results for our ACWW project


Last year SEFWI promised £2,500 towards the cost of the Tamil Nadu Head-load Fish Vendors’ project funded by the Associated Country Women of the World. This was almost realised before our Indian Day in November. Then, between November and April our total rocketed to an amazing £3,758.68 ! …read more