ACWW Projects

Acww projects

Several people have asked if they could hear more about the projects that The Associated Country Women of the World funds. …read more

World Ocean Day

Beccles morning

For World Ocean Day on June 8th we asked you to go to the coast on or around that day and take a photo of the sea or shore. You can see the results here.

WIs were also asked to make a collage on the same theme. There weren’t many entries but all were of a very high standard and from these the one submitted by Beccles Morning WI was judged to be the winner. See an image of this and some of the others by following the link above.

Did You Know?

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Every month “Let’s Talk” includes an article written by someone in Suffolk East federation. Let’s Talk is a lifestyle magazine covering East Anglia, from North Essex to the north Norfolk coast. These articles might be about something happening in the federation or featuring members who have done something worth writing about. The EADT also publishes a WI article every fortnight. …read more