Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Federation chairmen and treasurers meet with National Federation board members once a year at the National Council meeting. At last year’s meeting a session was held on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I). You can find the notes for WIs here.

Exhibition at Suffolk Show


As part of the 2022 Suffolk Show an exhibition area is being planned to commemorate the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II and Suffolk East Federation have been asked to take part. The topic which has been selected for the WI section of this exhibition is “The Changing Role of Women in the Home” over the 70 year period and a look at some of the many changes that have affected that role. …read more

Global Day of Climate Action


There was a WI presence at the march in Woodbridge timed to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow.

Helen Lewis, WI Climate Ambassador, was stewarding at the march and a WI banner was carried. There were about 300 marchers altogether including 7 WI members from Hollesley and some from other WIs.

It all went off peacefully and there was a happy atmosphere throughout.

"The Only Way Is Ethics"

Acww fashion 31

It is now almost universally accepted that climate change is a fact. As forecast, extremes of weather conditions have been experienced worldwide and, as always happens, it is the developing countries whose inhabitants suffer the most from the ensuing drought, flooding and the like. Therefore, it was appropriate that this year’s main fund-raiser for the Associated Country Women of the World had ways to help alleviate this as its theme. Entitled ‘The Only Way is Ethics,’ it was a fashion show with a …read more

ACWW Projects

Acww projects

Several people have asked if they could hear more about the projects that The Associated Country Women of the World funds. …read more

NHS Help Us Help You campaign


NHS England have launched a ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign to encourage the public to contact their GP if they are worried about a symptom that could be cancer and specifically symptoms of abdominal cancers. Look out, too, for a new PR film featuring a host of famous faces and members of the public who have gone to extraordinary lengths to help the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside healthcare professionals, they will help to deliver the campaign messages. …read more