• Members: 37
  • Meetings: Every 2nd Monday at 7:30pm
  • Address: Loraine Victory Hall IP8 4AL

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Programme for 2024

8th Jan  Panel Game – Scrapbooks

12th Feb  Adrian Knowles – Bees and Wasps of Suffolk

11th Mar  Paul Daley – Tools with a Mission

8th Apr  Elene Marsden – Travelling around the World

13th May  Resolutions Meeting

10th Jun   Norma Howell – Medical Detection Dogs Charity

8th Jul  Outdoor Meeting

12th Aug  Sowmya – Local Pharmacist  

9th Sep  Alison Mayston – Fused Glass Demonstration

14th Oct  Dorothy O’Grady – Ways of Wrapping

11th Nov Annual Meeting  

9th Dec Christmas Party