WI Advisers are trained nationally to assist and guide our WIs and to promote the WI in general.

Kate Peacher
Mendham & Metfield WI
Adviser to Groups:
Andrea Davies
Earl Stonham WI
Adviser to Groups:
Gwyneth Harris
Gwynethh2015 2
Stradbroke WI
Adviser to Groups:
Liz Quarmby
Liz photo for the sefwi website c
Rushmere Evening WI
Adviser to Groups:
Jenny Pearson
Jennypearson a
Earl Soham WI
Adviser to Groups:
Gill Denny
Gilldenny2015 3
Pinewood & Chantry (Ipswich) WI
Adviser to Groups:
Chris Coulson
Chris coulson
Broke Hall WI
Chris is currently in training
Adviser to Groups:
Clare Blake
Clare b
Somersham WI
Clare is a trainee adviser
Adviser to Group:
Jane Sago
Janesagodec15 2
Burstall WI
Although not a NFWI trained Adviser, Jane is a very experienced member and past Federation Chairman, so makes an ideal Adviser Helper
Adviser to Groups: