Advanced Stitched Textiles Extension

This course will run on Mondays (6 sessions per term) 10.00-16:00 in Ipswich from Sept 2025

Tutor Mary McIntosh

You can download an application form here.

Term one Making fabrics
Design: You may continue with your design theme from the Advanced Stitched Textiles Foundation course or select a new source of inspiration
Design work: develop ideas for fantasy costume
Journal: you will keep a personal journal to record your experiences and reflections
Techniques: we will look at ways of making your own fabric in response to your design work and in preparation for the stitched assessment
• Wet feltmaking including nuno-felt
• Acid dyeing
• Dry felting using an Embellishing machine
• Paper Lamination and foiling
• Working with spun-bonded fabrics
• Working with heat dispersible fabrics
• Devore
Study: Term four will be an illustrated study into the historical period and costume of your choice to explore ideas for the stitched assessment to make an item of clothing. To be handed in at the beginning of the term two.
Stitch Assessment: You have been commissioned to make pieces of clothing for a fantasy film set in a historical period of your choice. You will be expected to design a series of clothing such as a cloak, hat and gauntlets; or dress, shoes and gloves and to make one of these items. To be handed in at the beginning of term two.

Term two Making it personal
Design: You will continue to add design work to your portfolio using your own personal imagery and personal items. Reading and research may form part of this work.

• Design using IT (this will vary according to what ‘kit’ you have)
• Image transfer techniques
• Design own fabric to be printed
Stitched Assessments for Advanced Stitched Textiles Extension Course
Advanced Patchwork and Quilting students – A large quilt or set of quilts (a triptych or diptych for example) based on a theme from your design work.
Advanced Stitched Textiles (AST) students – a large and ambitious piece of embroidered textile work based on your design work. This might be an installation, a single piece or a series of related pieces.
Design work for final assessments to be completed by the end of term two

Term three Making work with meaning
This last term will be spent working on your final assessments. Individual tutorials are held at each session. Each student will develop their work in their own style and preferred methods with the aim of making work with meaning.
Class sessions:
• Making work with meaning
• Use of text in textiles
• Political and social commentary
• Environmental considerations
• Material as the message
• Presentation methods
Final assessment to be handed in at the end of the course
Additional information.
Students are expected to attend exhibitions, museums and galleries and to keep a record with drawings and photographs. This should be recorded in your journal.
Students may be requested to take part in an educational visit which will vary in response to gallery exhibitions.
Students will have an individual tutorial with their tutor each term. In addition tutorials can be requested at any time.
Distance learning students are invited to attend one weekend per term in Ipswich. Other sessions and tutorials are conducted via zoom.
Graduate Show. All students are expected to help organise and mount an end of course exhibition.

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